freelance work

  1. Apexworks

    Long-Term Freelance Work - Video Creation/Editing

    SERVICE WANTED Long-term freelancer wanted for video creation and video editing services BUDGET $1-$2/minute of finished video (I provide the script and voiceover) DETAILS I'm looking for someone experienced who can create TRULY HIGH QUALITY VIDEOS. I want to use a combination of...
  2. rajputt65

    Looking for Cheap and Best Wordpress Developer for Micro Niche Sites.

    Hey all, I'm looking for wordrpress developer for custom micro-niche sites with the download intent i.e games, apps. softwares etc. Sites should be clean and light for fast loading. Please quote me the rates and times by doing PM me. Domains and hosting will be my concern. Thanks.
  3. K

    Buying ClickBank product Get paid back instantly plus $15 to your paypal

    There is a ClickBank product that I need to purchase. For some reason, specific countries Clickbank doesn't accept payment even thru Paypal. The product costs $27. I will pay back immediately $27 plus another $15 for the service, making $42 back to his PayPal account. These are the steps to...
  4. DigitalDope

    Need someone who can scrape a list of active medium/large sized Shopify stores

    Looking for a list of 500-1000+ Shopify stores that are currently active. Prefer if you can include contact email and/or phone number for store owner (if possible) If you know how to do this send me a message on here or leave a reply. Let me know what you can do. Thanks
  5. S

    [WTB] bot for asking Quora questions.

    Title says it. lI would like to have someone create a bot or buy one if theirs already one out there. Some features I need/hope for: 1. It needs to ask questions on Quora, either from a notepad list OR it will find the questions using some sort of keyword tool. 2. It cannot ask questions...
  6. corgi_lover87

    A quick question, guys! Please help me out. Charging fee dilemma

    Here's my case. Someone is interested in hiring my services as a writer. Will charge me $5 per 1500-word article/how-to guide. Is this reasonably priced? Although I am still starting to be a freelance writer, I do have ample experience in content writing in the corporate setting. 4 years...
  7. S

    Need 5000 products moved & edited from one site to another

    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone to move 5000 products from one website to another. It would involve the obvious categorising but also include removing the pictures & the minor editing of every description whether it be adding a full stop or shortening it where possible. Currently there...
  8. M

    Hello jaythedev, here to look for freelancers and advertising for my MMORPG site

    Hey guys my name is jay I am owner and Founder of MMOEmpire - "The Gamer's Network" MMO Development Community, and I figured I would introduce myself and explain a bit why I am here. :) First off I am here to learn and listen! I want to grow my donation based website with more traffic and MORE...
  9. M

    Remote SEO Job

    If anyone's looking for SEO jobs, we have two remote positions available. You must have proficient English writing skills and knowledge of basic SEO.
  10. mcklaud

    Looking for 10+ Contributors [NEWBIES and not only]

    Hi there all, it may look that i'm looking for members or something but it's not like that cause i've worked my 4$$ in the last months to learn and now i'm giving a chance to all others here same as many have done with me in the past. Now, I'm looking for contributors on my sites to manually...
  11. J

    Required experienced web designer for long term development works.

    I am looking for an experienced web developer to design and develop several websites for my company. Payment will be made monthly basis. Please contact me for further details Thanks and Regards
  12. R

    Sales Page Video Needed

    I need a nice professional sales page video made. Length: approx. 9 mins. I will supply voice over and pictures - need some text added and would like some text effects and motion to the pics. (pop ins, slide ups, wipes etc) Please send a link to a few samples and your fee. ~Robert
  13. B

    Need Someone to Give My Dedicated Virtual on MediaTemple the Ability to Use Proxies

    I have a dedicated virtual server with I need to hire someone today (ASAP) to tap into it and install a proxy service. I have but I'm open to anything that will make it work. Specifically I would like to run several scripts on the server and when they...
  14. N

    Need a part time guy

    Im looking for someone that can do the following 1) sign up for a website (will disclose to the freelancer) requires email confirmation. 2) comment on certain pages, its only copy and paste a message into a box. I will provide the message. 3) do this about 100 times , takes around half...
  15. reqd

    Experienced Yahoo Answers Poster [Wanted] ASAP

    Looking for someone who knows their way around Yahoo Answers to run a campaign ASAP. I'm not too well versed in making my answers STICK - so I need some help here. Each answer should be unique and well written - The great thing is, this topic does not require you to learn a damn thing...
  16. L

    Need 30-60 ads posted weekly

    I need a cl poster to post about 30-60 ads a week. I will give all info about postings. PM me if interested.
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