free lancer

  1. S

    Where can i sell accounts: Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube...

    I need help! I want to buy and sell those accounts. Where can i do it?
  2. S

    I NEED followers,likes,views,comments services for any Social Media platfrom there is.

    Hello everyone, I need followers,likes,views,comments for Instagram, YouTube, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Tiktok. Someone who can provide me with bot-accounts. email: [email protected] discord: saKe#1531
  3. S

    Freelancer experienced with Kali Linux Needed !!

    Looking for help with setting up my network properly for my VM running Kali Linux 2021.1 having issues with compiling reverse tcp shells with current network settings any help would be amazing been struggling for 4 days !! Willing to pay if someone can help me get this completely configured properly
  4. R

    Sneaker Bot Developer

    Hey i have a bot already made for a few websites i was wondering if i can hire someone to help me develop and maintain the bot must be good at bypassing bot protection and good at python pm me for more details
  5. jongmr

    dropshipping agent

    hey im dropshipper and im looking for trustable dropshipping agent who buy for me and ship to the address i want and i want tracking number for each order. i can pay with bitcoin ,paypal(only paypal to paypal) and webmoney. i heard about cj dropshipping and i dont know i can trust them or not...
  6. EarphoneBug

    I need a Amazon Video Review Service

    Hi guys and gals, I'm looking for a service that can provide amazon reviews with videos. I can find plenty of review services, but they don't offer adding videos to your review and if they do, they require you to provide your own videos. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.
  7. E

    Need a YouNow Viewbot (Simple,Nothing Difficult!)

    Hey!! So, I am looking for someone who can basically create or have already a younow viewbot. Nothing too serious 30 viewers would be fine (I know its nothing!) I am willing to pay $ for one that obviously works. Let me know if you can do this for me, like I said nothing crazy just something...
  8. Egon-olsen

    (freelancer needed) Promote my Moviestreaming site

    I need someone/a few that will make my movie/tv-show streaming website go to the top. What will you get? 80% of what we make. If more information is needed or if interested then pm me. Facebook pages, big twitter accounts, youtube channels anything is welcome Website: Movielake
  9. Mohammed1526

    I want to hire a freelancer for all social media and email voting for contest asap!!!!!

    I want to hire a freelancer for all social media and email voting for contest asap!!!!! PLEASE DONT WASTE MY TIME OR YOURS!!!!$$$
  10. shoutout

    php and JavaScripr or jQuery free lancer.

    Hi talented developers I am looking to hire someone to do the following job for my website ASAP. My budget is not big for this job but we can make a deal. Job description: I want to make one page designed and integrated with Instagram API to fetch and update hash tags on this page. tags should...
  11. petrovski

    3 FREE Logo Designs - I am not a graphic artist!

    Ok people I am giving away 3 FREE logo designs that I myself will create for you. Only the first 3 people to respond to this post will get it. I aint a design specialist but I have seen and received a fair bit of shitty designs, so I want to see how my work compares. Dont expect the world...
  12. W

    Need PHP free lancer for my site

    I need php freelancer for my site The job would be to create data entry forms. Also validate forms before user submits them. Also your code should be able to send emails if required. Database: MySql Language: PHP I'm also a programmer, so I can help with architecture and database design. But...
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