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  1. mylastvacation

    Expired Article Scraper Starting At $20

    It’s the year 2023 on planet earth. The end of the world is near. Inflation is through the roof, global warming, unemployment and cannibalism are always on the rise. A deadly virus has recently killed millions of people around the world. A crowd of angry protesters gathered outside BHW...
  2. TheOverlord

    [REVIEWERS] █ SUPERIOR ARTICLES █ FREE Long-form Q/A Style Articles

    I am offering single article review copies to everyone for my hybrid AI-human article writing service. There are no requirements, though I do ask that if you receive a copy, you post a review. For Jr. VIPs, I am offering two articles for free. Link to BST to post review
  3. IYASS


    Hello, I'm offering free review copies to my expired articles service. Any niche you want, post your niche & keywords ( no need to PM me, just comment below ). 1 article per member. 500 - 3000 words. Grammarly Plagiarism passed. everyone is welcome no post limit or something ( unlimited review...
  4. IG Professor

    [Method] Get HQ content from EXPIRED Domains in Zero cost.

    Hey boysss.. Few days ago I figured out a great idea to get HQ content for free. At first, I was thinking maybe I should sell expired articles and keep it for myself since this is considered as a golden nugget content. But... I prefer to give something back to the community; So they can use it...
  5. S

    [FREE Handwritten Article - Review Copy] - SEOAce Content Writing

    Hello, We have decided to provide 1 handwritten article of 500 words to everyone on BHW from our content writing thread: We want the thread to get noticed and...
  6. FatBee


    Content removed as it violates the rules in a freebie
  7. Purush

    Method - Creating quality content without spending much

    Duplicate content works or not . This is the one of the biggest question in the IM. It is definitely work with twist and rework. Here is the method I am using to create a good content. The main important part is, you have to be good knowledge about what you are blogging otherwise it may end up...
  8. Aztec Silver

    Phone + YouTube + Google = Profit?

    Hey guys, I've been considering an idea for one of my new revenue streams. I wanted something that wouldn't take much time as I already have 3 other gigs I work on (IRL deliveries, Instagram affiliates, and reselling on eBay/ Mercari.) So I thought, why not just bring the content that already...
  9. Pro-Hustler

    [GET] Free Native Content Worth $3

    Hey peeps, I'm offering standardized native like content (450w) which's basically ultra-spun+modified using bots But way more powerful in terms of grammar and plagiarism-free. Overall, crisp content that'll fit your tier or even money site necessities (If you're lucky) So all I need to get...
  10. Ssingh

    YouTube Experts - Need suggestion regarding new YouTube Policies

    Hi guys, I have a four year old channel which had few videos with around 1k subscribers. Wasn't uploading new content for nearly three years now. Met few old colleagues and started making and publishing videos from plr articles. Need suggestion regarding videos and monetization. "is it okay to...
  11. Ujwal

    [Free giveaway][Content][Articles] Free 500 words seo optimized articles

    As I have all the time in the world I am going to write free 500 words seo optimized content in any keywords for five of you jr. VIPs.
  12. mzonas

    [Journey] Getting free content (accepting guest posts)

    Hi all, This is not an ad or anything like that. This is another journey (I got other one which is going really well). The idea behind this journey is to accept guest post offers I get through emails. I get a few offers a day but I actually never looked at it seriously. I really want to get as...
  13. fullyniche

    [Giveaway] Content Writing for First 50 Members (Old Members)

    Hello, We will provide 2 Articles (500 Words) from our Content Bank V2.0 Service.. If you want to know the features ping me through skype or PM. You can get from FREELANCER Package (Starter Package). Please share your keyword details on here...

    Free Content Method That Anyone Can Use!

    Hi BHW world, this is my first thread and it is appropriate for me to give something to you before requesting any kind of assistance! Anyway, I do not remember when or where have I copied this method to this file but I have been using it for some time now to gain readership and/or prolong my own...
  15. pulok

    [help]Need advice from you guys

    hey guys,Recently i am having plans to create a blog.So i was trying to find a niche.Then i had a plan.what if i take all the conversation of interview video of famous people and write it down in my blog and also embed the video to my blog.Suppose i found a selena gomez's interview and i take...
  16. yellowcat

    Content Scraped, 5459 Finance Questions+Answers

    Wordpress upload ready. File is Csv
  17. bleedsix

    [Free Articles] Join me in my "journey" to become better

    After the sudden realization that I practically have 0 skills that can be monetized online I came to the conclusion that I have to do something about this. Here we are. I'll try to write 1-2 articles 500+ words every day, until I think I'm good enough at this. The only thing I ask from you is...
  18. W

    Intro + 5 Free 500 word custom articles

    Hey guys! I'm new to the BHW. I have been lurking for a while now, and I have finally decided to dive in to the world of IM. Although I am interested in content writing, I have no experience in this domain. So I thought I would take action by offering out 5 Free 500 word articles (one article...
  19. Tatterdemalion

    I want to write guest posts(about 1000 words) for Technology related websites

    Well, i am looking forward to write guest posts for blogs related to gaming, computer, mobile phones, android, etc (anything related to tech). If you are interested then please inbox me. Thanks! Average Time: 24 Hrs
  20. dragon_slayer

    Free 500 word article on any niche

    Hello All, I am here with 100% free, fresh and high-quality articles. I am certified copywriter, and yes, Noob on BHW. So, I am going to give away 5-10 articles(500 words) on any niche(if it exists). PM me or reply either with your niche and topic, or you can ask via skype. I...
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