1. Sagat77

    Best SEO practice: To 301 Forward Or to Create a WP site?

    Hey guys, I want your opinion on this. I got some expired domain that has some pretty strong high authority backlinks. The site belonged to a singer who abandoned his project few months ago but the do-follow backlinks are still there. Problem is that that the site is unrelated to my main...
  2. gosuguy

    A Few Questions on Migrating a Site

    Hello everyone, I have a blog that I started in 2009. It has hundreds of articles on it and a lot of link juice, DA and so on. I am done with that project and am in the process of starting a new one. Some of the old content is relevant but a lot of it isn't. SOOOO my questions are. What is the...
  3. I

    Wrong Forward 301 on Registrar

    Hi, I accidentally set my A domain to forward 301 (permanent & path forward) to my B domain from registrar. After the incident, the ranks of A domain it just gone. Then I started to set the name server back as the first time I set it. My question, is there a possibility that the ranking of A...
  4. D

    Mass email forwarding - How can I forward incoming emails to a list of *many* emails?

    Hello all, I am trying to create an email setup where I send an email to one mailbox and it will forward this email to a big list of email addresses (about 200 addresses). Currently I host my email at Godaddy and over there for each mailbox i have a setting "send copy to:" where I can type...
  5. I

    forward gmails to 1 id

    Hi I have 500 us ip gmails and i want all of them to forward at 1 id so i got all the mail at 1 id.Please contact me at im23ran g!talk and y!talk both
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