forum suggestion

  1. KJREDDY247@

    How about a Keyword based search option in Conversations filter?

    Whenever I want to find an old conversation I need to scroll through all the pages of my conversation box, It gets very difficult whenever I forgot the person username ( which happens most of the times ) How about adding a keyword-based search option along with username? Anyone else in...
  2. True SEO

    The method of improving us along with BHW

    There are many new threads every day with these kinds of frequently asked questions. I know, BHW members are willing to help every time those who have come with these kinds of newbie questions. But, most of the questions have been already answered many times in this forum! IMO, the important...
  3. blogzandstuff

    Do the Freebies/Giveaway rules need updating?

    Do the Freebies/Giveaway rules need updating? The rules were set in 2012, it seems to have become a free for all with members setting all sorts of rules. Some set a rule of 20, 50 and even 100 posts minimum. Looks like anything goes with people making it up as they go along. Some members have...
  4. datsunguy

    [forum suggestion] how about a warning/popup on old threads?

    It happens on a daily basis where someone (usually a noob) bumps an old thread from years ago when it would be better to make a start a new one, so why not create a warning on all old inactive threads to help reduce this? Maybe something like this that I found on another forum, I can still...
  5. pulkitseo

    should i buy forum licence from licence holder?

    should i buy forum licence from licence holder? reason is simple..he is selling licence at cheaper price.. I have asked someone who can help me in starting forum..i just need their skype ID if anyone is their do let me know
  6. macpaulos

    BH Wikipedia

    Just an idea.....with so many threads being posted about noob questions when there are previous posts buried deep within BHW, why not have a BH wikipedia? This way can explain things like CPA which would have internal links to stickied methods that really work (not a temp method). Would work...
  7. Botwiz

    Noob restrictions! Minimum Posts to Open New Thread

    Here is a thought that might reduce all these crap threads asking the same question over and over and over again. I swear sometimes its like a broken record. I don't mind giving back, but I think this would greatly reduce some of the garbage threads on this forum. For a user ranked as newbie...
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