forum link building

  1. I

    Forum Link Builder Needed

    I looking for someone/agency from India who can do forum link building for me 20-30INR per link we can pay and we will take 500min to 3000 such links per month every month. If you know what is forum link building and have done the work then please ping me.
  2. Makingofkira

    How many comment backlink should I aim to target everyday?

    Hey guys! I have an amazon affiliate website, it is nearly 4 months old and has 10 articles and all are properly internal linked. My DA is 1 and PA is 19 maybe I haven't build a single link that's why my da is so low and my articles takes time to index. So, I saw website on flippa making 650...
  3. dost7189

    How can i unblock myself from forums?

    I started forums link building and due to less knowledge of forum link building, I spammed a few of the forums and as a result blocked from a couple of forums. Now, whenever I try to register any forum, I receive the message that I am detected as a spammer and can't register. Now I got the way...
  4. BrandonAntony

    Free backlinks from HIGH traffic, RELEVANT discussions/forums

    Get 2 free backlinks from high traffic and relevant forum threads. I will scrape google for your selected keywords/related keywords+ questions. I will create an account on two forums and age them with a minimum of 10-20 posts before posting your link. I will then post your link on a relevant...
  5. bhushan3339

    Looking for Forum Manual Link Building Service

    Hello, Niche :- "ANDROID/ iOS/ Windows / Coding" Looking for someone who can help me to get forum backlinks in technical niche. I am looking links from forums like "stachexchange / microsoft / ted" and so on... If you have acquired links from these type of forums then please contact me...
  6. BrandonAntony

    (WTH) Content Writers for forum link building

    Looking to hire someone who can write unique, relatable and relevant replies to forum threads (ill provide a full list) that link back to my local business website. The replies must look like a genuine person and must also use an anchor text that I provide. You do not need to post the replies...
  7. gregz06

    How to Constantly Drive Forum Traffic for Free

    Holla BHW! Since I've learned on BHW way more than from Neil P or Brian D, sometimes I wake up with a feeling that I want to give back at least something. This is the technique I use to get backlinks from forums that do drive traffic. When someone says he builds links from forums, you probably...
  8. Stan Fox

    [50 Review Copies] 2 Crowdo Links - High DA/TF Links from Niche Related Threads/Forums

    Hey guys! We've worked a lot to provide you best crowd marketing service EVER :) Thats why we are giving 50 review copies in may-june. Each review copy include 2 Crowdo Links! Steps to receive a review copy: 1) Post a comment here requesting a review copy 2) I will PM you with...
  9. O

    Looking for forum signature link placement

    Hello, I am looking for people who have good, old and active profiles on tech/video/computer forums with relevant organic traffic. I would like to order links to be placed in the signatures.
  10. R

    How to avoid getting banned in forums?

    Hi All, I would be very thankful, if i get an answer for the solution. I asked this question in other forum too. But no replies. I am doing SEO for USA targeted website from India. I am aware of the Link Building Techniques and Forum rules and all. When i am doing forum link building, i...
  11. S

    [GET] Free 1000 Blog Comments and 1000 Forum Profile Backlinks

    Hey, Offering 1000 Blog Comments and 1000 forum profiles to Jr. Vips and Donors ( Upto 10 ) and 500 Blog Comments and 500 Forum Profile backlinks to 20 members except newbies.Just Post on the thread and PM me the details. Details Needed : URL Keywords Duration Will be of 5 days.Thanks and...
  12. bilbo

    whats the best tool to index forum profiles?

    I hear good things about backlink express and backlink booster. Anyone used these tools? perhaps you could recommend another tool? Thoughts? thanks
  13. P

    How to Find 1000+ High PR Forums Profile Links

    1. Find the most popular forum software providers. I just came up with the following list to get started: vBulletin SMF Expression Engine PunBB 2. Look for the footprints these forums have such as: Powered by vBulletin So you've arrived at this Simple Machines Forum Powered by...
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