1. Bloodseeker

    Need help with a controversial Xbox gift card redemption

    My partner gifted me a Fortnite skin pack gift card for Xbox. And I don't own an Xbox. It was on discount, and she thought it's a cross-platform game, so redeeming it on the Xbox app through PC should do the job. We redeemed the code. Now when I log in to Fortnite on PC or PS4, it won't show...
  2. DylanMarshall

    Where to sell a fortnite account?

    I know there's people selling on Ebay but the refund shenanigans there scare me away. I looked at acckings but they seem a bit sketchy. What's a good place to sell game accounts quick with some seller protection?
  3. ber_92

    ETHVerse - newest game in crypto making good money

    Gamers and crypto lovers will love this. Just discovered launch of ETHVerse - It's crypto meets Minecraft. A new game in crypto built on the Minecraft server and ETH blockchain. You're playing a new version of Minecraft and you're making money by owning land, assets etc. and basically building...
  4. lebumcrimp

    Looking for a Fortnite instagram page

    I've checked the market place but can't seem to find any gaming IG pages for sale preferably Fortnite pages. Has anyone got a market place thread with this kind of account or similiar on? Willing to pay $10 dollars per 1000 real/active followers on the page.
  5. IlyesPoke

    Need a Fortnite vBucks Landing Page

    Hi ! Anyone has a Landing Page of Fortnite vBucks Generator please ? Thanks !
  6. L

    Wait... is fortnite gone for real?

    I saw a tweet that says "fortnite is gone". So I'm just here to confirm.
  7. Tecnoloquitos

    I have a 30k organic fortnite account

    Hello Everyone, I read a couple books about IG and a while Ago (Almost a year) I started this instagram account with fortnite content, now the profile has 30k followers. What do you guys recommend me to gain some money of this account I'll be glad to hear some advice. Thanks in advance
  8. UuuU1245


    SO I am doing this a couple of months now and I got bits of dollars but if anyone is doing this can u tell me how am I gonna get paid or when and whats the minimum? thank you.
  9. is66c

    HOT new game niche

    Hey BHW community. So as you may or may not know, a new game as surfaced to the top of the twitch page, and to everyone's game collection. This game is called Apex Legends. If you do not know about this game, let me share with you why this niche could be an explosive way to earn money if...
  10. ahmadtr14

    Fortnite & PUBG Instagram Accounts Needed

    Hello, i am looking for a fortnite or PUBG instagram account to buy ASAP. PM me your offers! Thank you!
  11. ahmadtr14

    Looking for Instagram Accounts to Buy

    Hello BHW, i am looking to buy ACTIVE Instagram Accounts in these niches: Fortnite PUBG FIFA Black ops 4 Gaming in General PM me usernames and prices, i go first only if you are a trusted BHW seller or a JR VIP. Looking for organic traffic, don't try to fool me with fake accounts and...
  12. Social God

    [Method/Case Study] Fortnite Affiliate + Instagram Mentions/DM

    Hey BHW! About several months ago, @Goddissee posted a thread on how he made $8,000+ within a span of three months. After reading his thread, I decided to test the method with what I know from affiliates and Instagram so far. Here is the link to the original thread...
  13. SpecsTN

    Does anyone here have a Fortnite Channel?

    i'm looking for a shoutout to get my channel rolling ,if you do have a channel please comment how many subscribers you have !
  14. digitalmarketingman

    Making money with fortnite-niche website?

    Hi, I just finished setting my website with autoblogging, content source is from Fortnite news feed, related instagram account, fanpage account and youtube content. My niche is fortnite gaming. My question is, how to monetizing my fortnite website? CPA? Affiliate? Looking for best advice Thank you
  15. Kendrif

    I found a way to make money with fortnite but people think I'm trying to scam them

    Hi guys, A few weeks ago I read about a guy on blackhatworld who made something like $25K from buying the paid fortnite PVE, and every time you buy the pack you get a few additional codes to give to your friends. This guy was selling the codes and making a nice profit. My friend and I figured...
  16. Nitin Desai

    Fornite Blackhat Method YouTube ?

    Can anyone can run this type of offer in big yt? The owner of the has created different account but they are aged and have 3k and 19k subscriber and in that the channel video has been uploaded 8 years or 9 years back. Please explain me this . Thank you in advance
  17. B

    FORTNITE V bucks Generator

    Hello guys, I am looking to get hold of a generator script for Fortnite. Anyone know where I could get hold of one? Should look like this: Thanks
  18. G

    Looking for successful streamer to host me on Twitch. I will pay you.

    Hi! I am a sound designer/music composer. I am working for the video games industry and I am looking for twitch streamers with a good following to host me at a regular basis so that i can grow. I am willing to compensate of course. Please email if you are interested : [email protected]
  19. M

    Twitch & Youtube Gaming Journey

    Hello I’m starting my twitch and YouTube gaming Channels. Yes I know it is extremely conpetive and this will more than likely will stall out. But there is no better time to start this then with the Fortnite craze. This is a phenomenon and it reminds me of Pokémon go except this seems like it...
  20. Goldiiing

    I have the traffic but I need the help...

    Fortnite.... we’ve all heard about it & we all know where the money can be made. ‘Generators’. I have lots of Fortnite traffic (most of which is kids who want FREE STUFF!) which is great. I’m using CPABuild at the moment to direct them to a generator which then brings the surveys up etc etc...