1. light and bolts

    Customizable Form Plugin [Wordpress]

    Does anyone know what form-plugin can do this in Wordpress? Add a date and various customizable fields? The plugin from the image is built in Larvel, but I need the same for Wordpress. This is the image link in case Thanks in advance
  2. thundrrrka

    Wordpress / PHP anonye help me?

    2 days to suffer with this .. anybody help ?:D
  3. GainTheImpossible

    How do i create this OP form in WordPress?? Please help!

    This form looks awesome to do in my posts(especially on my affiliated). How do I do this? Any plugin? Way? Tutorial? Please help!
  4. R

    Hi From Melbourne Australia

    Is this good place to market my course. I have very nice course and I want to get bigger audience. It started to sell itsel but would be nice if I'm at the right place. Short bio: Rick from Melbourne, Advanced webdelopment course front and backend. Male
  5. D

    How to unban Instagram?

    I unbanned many Instagram accounts for clients (these who I couldn't I transferred to a guy I paid to do it), but somehow the contact form I'm using doesn't seem to work anymore + the guy I paid in the past isn't available for a few weeks. soo.. Any approaches on how to unban accounts? The...
  6. Kerri Jean

    LOOKING: Entering a web-form contest

    I am looking for at least 1,000 entries into an online contest. The entry form requires a name & email for each entry. It doesn't seem that the email must be confirmed. Is it a possibility to hire someone to do this versus me buying hundreds of Gmail accounts?
  7. gothic_0013

    Google Tag Manager and <iframe> Help needed

    I need some help from experts in Google Tag Manager. Does anyone have an idea how to implement a trigger on <iframe> element that you can't get access to? Concrete problem is: I need to put Button click trigger on the form, but the form is in <iframe> that I don't have access to so I can't do...
  8. Droger99

    Submit Form + Automatic Email Reply + Mailchimp List

    Hello Guys, I was wondering if you have any experience regarding the scheme that I am working on. I am building a site on wordpress, and here is what happens: 1. visitor submit a form (jetpack contact form) 2. I receive the visitor message in my mail (gmail) 3. Reply the message with template...
  9. Geth_Prime

    Need plugin/script to autofill form using csv

    Hi Everyone, As the title says, I need a plugin/script that can autofill a form from a csv file on a browser.
  10. toFacebook

    Taking requests for qKast widgets

    I just launched qKast, a content broadcasting technology that lets you present and show the internet from a personal webtop. The question is, aside from presenting internet content to people using the web clipper, what kind of widgets would you like to present to them? Presenting a form and...
  11. Snoopp

    MailChimp form with single opt-in (API)

    How to easily make MailChimp API form without double opt-in? Using their API is hard for people with no coding skills and 3rd party tools like POWr or Privy don't have option to disable MailChimp double opt-in.
  12. B

    Spam someones contact form

    Hi there, My competition have unprotected registration form at its website. I want to give them some work to do and to make them busy at the key moment for upcoming (offline) event. That will make some more space to my website. What is a best way to spam that form? How to tell spam boots to...
  13. Finaltouch

    Offering Free Assistance For Compilation Of 2016 Flussi - Immigration Entrance Kit

    Flussi is yearly immigration program created/offered by italian govt. to permit entrance into the italian territory for working (domestic & non-domestic) purpose. details is available on the webiste of minister of Internal affair : 2016...
  14. G

    Multiply your cpa income with this little trick?

  15. A

    ORM - Helpful Tool for Creating Feedback Pages

    Hey all. I'm new here so perhaps this is tool is known.... but I've decided to give a variant of the 7878 method a shot. I'm almost done compiling my list of businesses and have all the envelopes stamped and ready, and am about to start writing/printing the letters to send out. I started...
  16. belgianguy

    Looking for a good wp front end link submission plugin

    I have a site that lets visitors submit links. Now that i'm getting some good traffic the most requested feature is this: the visitor adds the url he wants to share and the title, image and excerpt are pulled from the url automatically. So the visitor only has to enter the url manually. I have...
  17. M

    How do I submit a Bing Ads Coupon Form Multiple Times and Reveive a coupon EVERY time?

    Hey guys, i've been battling with these Bing coupon forms for too long now and i'm relentlessly going to crack it just don't know how yet :) Here's the form: advertise DOT bingads DOT microsoft DOT com/en-us/affiliateprogram For every say 50 Bing Ads Coupon Forms I submit I only receive like...
  18. V

    Wordpress help

    Can anyone help me out in adding a WP page which just asks for fields like name, email id, twiiter id or ffacebook fanpage link and description. they should have checks like correct email. these details shud be stored by wordpress in a table. any plugin does this ?
  19. B

    Looking for best form filling program

    Hi guys I've got a website I'd like to monetize. Do you know what is the best "form filling program" (such as fill up to win a iphone or stuff like that ) ? I also need to know if the form filling was well, as it happens during registration process in my website. Thanks !
  20. S

    Europe, CPA Networks and the W-8 Form

    Hey everyone, I've been signing up most recently with various CPA networks and some are requesting me to send them a W-8 tax form. Now, I'm a Europian citizen and I'm sure I'm not the only Non-US citizen here who is working with US based CPA networks. I wonder if there is anyone here from...
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