1. A


    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm glad to see that there are many useful informations here. I'm interested in forex trading, and I was wondering if anyone knows or has tried paying professional traders, and how much it cost you. What are your experiences with that?
  2. travisjonathan1

    Found a superb bundle of Money Making Methods Ebooks and I profit $2100 in just 1 month

    Found one of the biggest bundle of Money Making Methods Ebooks ever on Gumroad website with 205 ebooks! It was one of my best investments that I ever did with such high quality ebooks. Most of the ebooks teaching step-by-step and very detailed how to make money in different niches. The main...
  3. R

    (FOREX) Anyone working or has worked with FP Markets?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if FP Markets is a good choice as a broker? I am planing to start there next Monday, but I am unsure. What is your experience with them, or would you recommend another broker?
  4. Zed Instruments

    MY HFT Trading BOT ( 10-15%/MONTH)/ 1% DRAW DOWN + YOUR NETWORK.

    What's going on BHW... I've got private access to a HFT trading bot that's been doing 10-15%/Month for OVER 3 YEARS... It also has less than a 2% DRAW DOWN. I do not mind sharing myfxbook links, AND LIVE Meta Trader 5 Investor Logins AND sharing ether scan wallet addresses so you can VET AND...
  5. PawanYadav8511

    Scalping - Strategy/Indicator

    Can anyone here please help me find the best strategy or indicator to make 20-30 pips from the forex market on a regular basis.
  6. Kingfin

    Kingfin - affiliate program of Olymp Trade

    We are Kingfin! Naming is clear now, but what do we do? Kingfin is the official affiliate program of the Olymp Trade trading platform. The scheme is simple - sign up, bring traders to the platform and make profit using the model that suits you: CPA or RevShare. Why us? It's simple: - we...
  7. Zed Instruments

    My Experience with High Frequency Trading + Auto Bot Software. (PURELY EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES)

    In this post I’m going to simply explain MY experience with HFT bots and auto trading... I , in no way am recommending this software to anyone to use NOR am I telling you to do this. I’m simply sharing what has worked for me and close friends of mine over the last year. NOW BEFORE YOU...
  8. Adscobar

    Adscobar - get high with your favourite crypto/fx affiliate network

    Hi! Nice to see you at Crypto/FX Affiliate Network Adscobar. Our team is TOPs of affiliate marketing and we would like to tell you more about us. Details Adscobar is a brand new and unique affiliate network. We offer the best conditions: only direct brokers WW, high payouts and 24/7 support/...
  9. alurosu

    Where can I short the Russian Ruble?

    I've searched a lot of websites and I could not find where to short the Russian national currency. Most of the apps froze the option since the war started. Why I want to do that? This should explain it: I'm from Europe. The platform should work in Europe. Any ideas?
  10. PawanYadav8511


    How many of you are investing in EURUSD as currently it is sitting at the rock bottom.
  11. hajmamad

    Supercomputer algorithm in Forex

    Supercomputer algorithm in Forex hi I'm working on a new price action and it is completely different from what you see on YouTube and Social Media. You know that prices in the chart are not shaken by normal people or normal banks and it happens with AI supercomputers . I have discovered a few...
  12. M

    Forex Telegram Copy

    Hello, I want to ask and maybe even help someone. I have been doing forex for myself, but it takes a lot of my day out. I love trading, so I don't want to give it up. Therefore, I am looking for an experienced trader who offers his signals. But... I have already tried some groups on the...
  13. P

    $100k to $1million trading stocks, fx, futures and crypto

    Hi, I have been on and off bhw for over 10 years lurking. Made some money back in the days with IM but then moved onto other things like trading. I want to share my journey here to document my trading journey to learn from my mistake and document what I did right. And also learn from you guys...
  14. Q

    Can you recommend a good FX conference for affiliates to meet brands?

    I have FX and Crypto 'make money' traffic and am looking for good and reputable conferences to meet brands and make deals with them. I would appreciate any recommendation from personal experience for the near future. Thanks!
  15. Affiliate3750

    Google For Forex and Stocks Campaigns

    hey guys, I'm wondering if somebody experienced to run forex campaigns on google ads ( Search Ads ) and what is the best strategy to start with, i can make my own keyword research and everything but the strategy to start with is kind confusing always using maximize clicks , but i think im...
  16. legendahomer

    Do they check for my ID ?

    Hello, so i need to upload my ID to one broker ( forex ). Im not biggest fan leaving my ID to be stored in their database. They are not most trusted but.. You need to.. QUESTION -> When i upload picture of my ID, do real people review them or bots/system do that? Long time been asking myself...
  17. H

    Forex & Crypto Trader [Need this Rules to become Successful]

    Before you even start assessing yourself and wanting to make a decision to give up or not, I advise to think long-term... Things like, / I won't rush the process, / I will submit to time, and not pressurize myself, / I will give myself a minimum of 4yrs to commit to learning voraciously...
  18. J

    Hi, New member!

    Hi guys, my name is Jerry. I'm working with Forex Leads. Hopefully, we can help each other. Thank you!
  19. S

    Forex Ads

    Hey guys, I know that probably I won't get any precise or useful answer on this topic since why would anyone tell you the secrets on running Forex campaigns without getting rejected, but I do believe this community is awesome and someone will reach out and help me :) As already mentioned, I'm...
  20. IG Pro

    What Forex Broker Would You recommend?

    Hi there! I'm looking to start trading Forex. However, when I've been researching few brokers, it seemed like most of them have all kinds of issues (not letting you withdraw your funds, etc). So, I'm asking if anyone here can vouch for a FX ''broker'' that lets you trade with relatively high...