1. nanohits

    Looking for Forex Traffic and backlinks

    Hi All, I am looking for Forex traffic and backlinks as I run a Forex Forum as well as a Discord Server. It is mainly involving Expert Advisor (EA Bots) I am also looking for affiliate link promotion for the Forex Niche. Thanks
  2. V

    Not so new here - but one of my first posts :)

    Hey everyone! Nice to meet you all. I must point out that I've been on this forum for over a year and I must say a big thank you. Crazy how many people contribute their knowledge for nothing. Amazing. About myself. I have a degree in visual design, I define myself as a very technical and...
  3. T

    Starting with $500 and an EA to trade Forex

    My first forex trading experience dated back in 2014-ish, learned a lot of basic stuff from babypips. But after more than a year I couldn't figured out how to become profitable, I still don't "get it". Having lost a lot of money I tried to find a way to get it back quickly, so I went into...
  4. Y

    monetize 2023 forex/crypto leads

    hello guys, I have database of forex/crypto leads in different countries and different call statuses dropped leads and depositors from 2023 and fresh up to a week ago are you familiar with any company that buy this type of data?
  5. Z

    100k Forex Funded Account Journey

    Hello, i just wanted to share how discipline and price action can get you funded with 6 figures with as little as a $500 investment. No this is not my first funded account and i will be posting here every Win/Loss i encounter. If anyone else is doing a funded challenge account, let me know in...
  6. Snqke

    Forex Signals Group?

    Hello guys, any one know any suggestions paid telegram or discord group that share siganls any make good monthly ROI? Thanks
  7. sparkruan

    [JV] My trading indicators - Your client acquisition

    Hi, We are looking for a partner who can manage our client acquisition. Our trading indicators help traders be profitable by calculating the best areas to enter the market, and we are now looking for partners to scale our client acquisition. The deal: you bring clients and get up to 50% of the...
  8. T

    Hello, I am new here. Anyone knows how to promote Forex in Google ads?

    Anyone knows how to promote Forex in Google ads?
  9. T

    Sell a Crypto&Forex Signal Discord

    I own a Crypto Signal Discord, and all its infrastructure. Automatic Trading Signals on Crypto & Forex, Bot Infrastructure, Website etc. etc. It was once doing around 500$/month and it had a lot of potential. Because though I wasnt caring about it anymore since I was really busy all the members...
  10. Norman_drey

    Between a Blogger and a forex/crypto trader who makes the most money?

    I have had enough of this forex shit floating my screen anytime I visit YouTube, especially from this very asian girl :) My question is this,? Between forex/crypto traders and blogger who makes the most money under an interval of 2yrs. Are these traders living a fake life on social?. Are...
  11. S

    Tiktok live Bans!

    Good morning, I am looking for some advice in regards to Tik Tok live bans, We provide a discord of Forex education, free chat and many useful channels for forex traders such as current news ect. We currently use Tik tok live for exposure and to provide free educational content in the forex...
  12. J

    Forex Niche

    Hey guys, I'm looking for Forex African Traffic - Marketer/Media buyers etc. BH is absolutely fine. Will pay very well on a CPA basis. Open to discussions. DM me on telegram - reply to this post firstly please. Thanks
  13. justmeus

    Forex niche traffic

    Hi guys, We are looking for media buyers or marketers who can help us source traffic for a forex trading group. Please specify: - Traffic source - Demographics - CPC, CPM or CPA. We can pay well for verified leads: We are not looking for USA traffic or tier 3 countries. Comment or send me a...
  14. nadeer2004

    Affiliate marketing network that provides CPA and Revenue share model in the fintech niche ? (forex trading, crypto trading, indices trading)

    Hi guys, Does anyone have experience with a trustable Affiliate marketing network that provides a CPA and Revenue share model in the fintech niche ? (forex trading, crypto trading, indices trading)
  15. rosesmoses

    Experienced MEDIA BUYER Needed!

    Great Opportunity in Forex/Crypto Verticals! Hello All, We are excited to announce that we are seeking an experienced Media Buyer to join our dynamic team! This opportunity is perfect for those with a keen interest in the Crypto and Forex verticals. What we offer: Competitive compensation...
  16. Theory Of Everything

    Making $500+ a day trading currencies [60% of the time, it works every time]

    I don't know if BHW has a big forex community, which is a shame but I thought I'd document my method anyway. I will start a journey thread soon showing what trades I'll be taking, which prop firm challenges I've passed, what S/L I take, the trade % for each pair I buy/sell etc. So, in the world...
  17. T

    My Trading Journal to $10,000 from $100 Account

    I am creating this thread to record my journey from $100 to $10,000. I am very positive that I will hit my target. I have been trading Forex for the last few years. It has been an up-and-down journey until 2022 when I finally started to be consistent. I have attached my Trade Explorer so you can...
  18. S

    [SELLING]10 Ultra Premium Domains-Bulk Discount Available

    I am interested in selling the following domains: $24,999)-Ultra premium domain in highly lucrative Forex niche.Equally valuable for domain investors as well as end users.Estibot value over $170,000 $2,999)-Perfect domain for starting a sex tube...
  19. Danny Crypto

    [JV] Forex Automated Bot Generating More than 25 to 30 Percent Per Month - Looking for partner who can bring leads

    Hello everyone, I have been into forex bot journey from more than 2 years and have lost around 15-20K in this, I will treat them as investment as I have learned the hard way. From last December 2022 I have never been in loss and banking hard on forex currency pairs trading with the help of my...
  20. Climax Offset

    Looking for an MT4 developer to help me modify my EA

    Hey guys. I've been looking everywhere for a reputable MT4 developer who understands code and who isn't trying to arbitrage the jobs i'm sending. I have several things i need done to my EA. Such as a fixed time filter, economic calendar filter, equity trailing stops, etc.. Let me know if you...
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