foreign language

  1. ALdelta1

    Domains in foreign languages

    I need to find domains in foreign languages. I'm using DomCop and and I dont know how to find domains in foreign languages on these sites. Preferably expiring domains but expired ones works just as well. Foreign language domain sites are welcomed. Languages looking for are...
  2. Facebook_Master

    Monetizing traffic from third-tier countries

    Hello, I have been thinking of creating a website in my mother language (Arabic, I am Egyptian but currently living in France) as I have tons of followers/connections over my Egyptian SM accounts and because competition is much less for SEO. The content will be in Arabic, but I checked the...
  3. VenomS

    SEO perspective of using a domain in other language?

    hello everyone, I was looking for a domain but it was taken so I thought of why not get the same name in another language. I wanted to know the seo dimension of such a thing. Thank you
  4. El Magico

    PBN for Foreign Sites

    Can I build a PBN for foreign Language site and just google translate everything from english (save money on content) and build a PBN like that? I read the foreign sites are less manual reviewed.
  5. grnugroho

    Are these keywords easy to rank? (200K+ monthly searches total)

    So I've been trying to find some long tail keywords for my main site, and I was brainstorming what keywords I should go for, but then I found these keywords. The statistics of the keywords in keysearch Statistics of the same keywords in KWFinder The keywords are basically...
  6. S

    How to rank foreign keywords ?

    I got a client that would like to start doing SEO in Europe,I dont speak many languages and would like to use tools for it and maybe hire some local do just some basic linkbuilding. I have tried setting up senuke for it. Made a spin text and translated it with google translate,looks fine,edited...
  7. jefis

    Is possible to sell a site on foreign language?

    I have a website with domain .lv It is not in english. It was designed to be similar to the, only local. It was designed in Django, has ~4700 reviews and comments of local shops. ~1800 registered users. Only ~3000 uniques a month. Google page rank is 5. Site was launched in 2011. Is it...
  8. briptech

    [Question] How to Rank Keywords NOT in English Language

    Let's face the fact: an high percentage of the high-pr link rental services available today are based on backlinks placed on relevant blogs (preferably private networks) where keywords are surrounded by contextual (relevant) text. Obviously, the more "natural" the link(s) appear within the...
  9. K

    Services/blasts for foreign language characters

    Hi there world; I'm wondering if there is a list of services that allow foreign language characters such as Στρώματα and things like that. If we could get some gigs and services list; and provide it on this thread that would be helpful to a ton of people. Let us honor the name...
  10. riktubrs

    Foreign Language SEO

    I've been reading this forum for months now and I think it is time to make a move! I'm thinking about MNS. I checked some keywords in my country (non-english), and they're marked as medium competition. My question is, how would it work if it's a RTL language? I'll create a couple of...