1. S

    how to remove wordpress theme footer website footer link

    <a href=""> Design & develop by ExampleThemes </a> I have tried a plugin and cannot remove the link from all my websites from the footer. Where is is saved? I want to replace it with my own link manually. It's not also in the file editor.
  2. curious_

    Site-wide internal header vs footer links weight

    Hey guys, Which site-wide links carry more SEO value header links or footer links? Any articles/tests that prove it? Google says: “Sitewide header and footer links are not a very great weight in general.” – Source But they didn't say which ones are more valuable. I know that header links may...
  3. J

    only Footer is indexed in google

    hello, Website developed in word press CMS. Is it ok with if the only footer is an index? How to stop being index footer (only footer area content) in word press?
  4. fxkool

    How to remove footer credit link from a WP theme?(help needed)

    Hi there, I am kinda stuck at this PHP and could not find out how exactly I need to change the php to remove the powered by notice at the bottom. WP theme - Skin. Here's actually how the footer.php looks like (very weird to be blunt honest) <?php /* * Footer layouts have been added from...
  5. I

    Remove Footer name

    I am using WordPress and I want to remove theme name in Footer . What can I do?
  6. vivek.verma

    Help me to remove Footer links of smthemes

    Well i have already read all the previous threads related to this topic, but i am still unable to delete the footer links. I am using JAZZ musician theme, i can email you the theme or can give you the team viewer access. Please help me out guys it's urgent.
  7. R

    [HELP} Handling Footer Links

    I have designed a few PR 4 sites and got my links through designed by and to the site in footer What is the best practice in dealing with Footer links .. I tried to tweak the footer script in the theme file .. But the link is appearing in all the pages and not in posts .. Pls help on how to...
  8. R

    Footer link problem

    I have re designed a PR 5 site .. and in the footer i have given a designed by and a link to my site .. this footer link is present in all the posts and pages .. 1) is it good to get the link juice from the home page alone or is it okay to get links in all posts and pages through footer link...
  9. E

    Need Help! Wordpress Theme Footer Link Delete

    Hello there, I want this theme to be without footer links. I was ready to buy this theme but when I visit the site where I need to pay for it, appears to me to be a mistake in making payments. I asked you guys if you can help me and try to hide/Delete links from Footer. Thank you all! :)...
  10. W

    Ecommerce SEO Footer block text

    Hi there, my situation is that I have a magento webshop with no text on the home. The navigation are image blocks. And an image slider. This is not good I know. My idea was to create expand the footer of the home with some text about the webshop, and including some links in the text. Under...
  11. G

    another encripted footer.php

    hi all and congratulations for yours professionality. I'm not e guru but i try to create a personal blog with wp and scarlett theme. I know that the author of theme put encripted content in footer for yours publicity and it's right but i would like extend my footer and change it. if there is...
  12. markomarkogame

    How to index footer backlinks !

    I have PR2 website and i have set up few backlinks, but they aren't showing up in the traffic travis as backlink, or the backlinkwatch service. So how to index them, or how to set them up properly ?
  13. M

    Remove link in Mystique footer

    Hi please help me removing the footer of Mystique template. I spent 2 hours and nothing!! the url in footer is: I tried removing the footer but i cant. The url of the theme is : Footer <?php /* Mystique/digitalnature */ ?> <!-- foooter --> <div id="footer">...
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