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  1. P

    Followliker Pinterest PIN Question (+Make Money Video)

    Hello BHW, first of all thanks for opening the thread and reading my question =) Im currently using Followliker to automate my PINS on Pinterest. I created some Spinax and designed around 20-25 Pins. Followliker puts all posted pictures in the History Folder, so I created a Automator script...
  2. W

    “please wait a few minutes before trying again”

    Everytime i try and update my page, too the new follower count, I get this message. Also when i want to other peoples accounts, i doesnt show how many they follow and are following. Is this because of the bot I am running?
  3. W

    "Please wait a few minutes before you try again"

    I get this everytime update my own page or check out someone elses. Is this a block from instagram? My network seem to be working fine on YouTube.
  4. W

    Has any of you kept running automation during a shadownban on instagram?

    Has any of you kept running automation during a shadownban on instagram?
  5. W

    What is the safe settings for like ammount on automation?

    Ive tried 5-10 with 40-50 seconds break tim, and about 500 likes in total. But yet my actions get blocked around 60-70 likes.
  6. W

    Followliker was giving 50+ a day and now 5 per day :(( HELP!!!!

    I was getting 50+ followers each day, with followliker, but suddenly one day i got 5 followers, and same is happening today :( I checked the statistics and im still following the same ammount of people(around 900) each day, so i dont think instagram is blocking me following. Could it be they...
  7. W

    Some days i get +45-60 follwers in 1 day, and one day i got 4 followers xD

    Some days i get +45-60 follwers in 1 day, and one day i got 4 followers xD Can I see which accounts that i should remove that do not benefit my account?
  8. W

    Scrape user settings

    In the scape user step i enterede over 100 accounts, but i set the scape user settings to 40. Does this mean it will randomly pick 40 accounts our only pic the first 40 out of the list?
  9. W

    ACTION BLOCKED followliker

    Instagram blocks my followliker from liking anything. ive set it to 20 -30 seconds as a pause. And 5-13 likes. why did this happen?
  10. S

    Followliker vs Instagram Following Feed

    Hey guys, New to the forum but looking forward to learning and sharing. I've been using FL but noticed the Following Feed on Instagram shows what you've liked and who you followed (privacy wise, this seems a bit much 0-0) Doesn't this scream when you use followliker? I know there is no way...
  11. W

    Will followliker only unfollow people that the software followed?

    I was wondering if followliker will also unfollow people i followed personally from my phone through time?
  12. W

    Is it safe to sign into instagram while a VPS is running?

    Is it safe to sign into Instagram if a VPS is running followliker in another country for that same account?
  13. W

    Can you upload a picture from followliker?

    Is it possible to upload a picture from followliker to instagram, and tag people on the picture?
  14. W


    I used to run my followliker accounts on my laptop, now im using a vps, but ofcourse all the accounts says error because of the new location. now i have to phone verify all the acc. but I dont know which account is linked to which number. Can i find that out without screwing everything up by...
  15. O

    Followliker: login_required was requested from instagram

    Hey guys getting this error code "last response code: 400 ->login_required was requested from instagram" How do i fix it?
  16. Rose123

    We're looking for a Followliker expert to manage several accounts for clients

    We're looking for a Followliker expert to manage several accounts for clients.
  17. J

    FollowLiker "Project Could Not Be Found"

    Hey, I really need someone's help. I had a very important project in FollowLiker and my computer restarted last night for some reason without me knowing. Now every time I try to open the project FollowLiker says the project could not be found. Is there any way to get it to work again? I really...
  18. J

    FollowLiker Help Not Completing Tasks 2018

    Hello, I need some help with FollowLiker. I’ve been using it for over two months now and 3 weeks ago my FollowLiker stopped completing tasks. I have tried everything to get it up and running again but nothing seems to be working. I have tried everything in the FollowLiker FAQ section of their...
  19. O

    How to scrape existing .csv lists w/ FollowLiker

    Looking to be able to scrape users of already existing .csv lists that I import, am able to import all users from the csv list into the query but Followliker only scrapes 1 of the listed accounts over and over.
  20. BennyLondon

    Followliker STOPPED WORKING!!!

    Hi guys my followliker starts loading then nothing comes up! its happened to me temporarily in the past but this time its not working at all and im fed up waiting. Ive updated the software, disabled my antivirus and firewall, added the antivirus exclusions, restarted my pc, reinstalled the...
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