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  1. ASM_AuthoritySiteMaster

    Aged Site For Sale Making $12,471.00/month From Amazon Affiliate & Guest Post

    GOOD INVESTMENT FOR THE EXPONENTIAL GROWTH IN THE FUTURE! Content Based, multi niche, Affiliate site built on Aged Domain, Making $12,471.00 per month from Amazon affiliate and guest posts. This is a 1 year old Amazon affiliate website that covers a lot of niches. This website is a goldmine...
  2. ManageManga

    How much should I sell my website for?

    Hello there, I have a blog in the Linux niche (desktop). Currently between 200-300 clicks/day. I am thinking of selling this blog but I am confused about the price, here are more details: Ezoic Earnings: $30/month Amazon affiliate earnings (US): $10/month Traffic: Mostly from India> US > UK >...
  3. theIMMachine

    [Rolltheball for Sale] - Premium domain authority website outranking FIFA & Wikipedia!

    Dear BHWians Let's cut the fancy designs and talk about this golden deal! We have started up like any other startup in the world with a new age sports news venture called 'Rolltheball' a couple of months before and worked with some freelancers and launched the platform to monetize the huge...
  4. rankcracker

    Looking a buyer to sell my website

    i build a website to promote clickbank product. My niche is vocal training .here is the current ranking screenshot I am looking for potential buyer because i want to sell my website .If anyone interested then PM me. (Note: In My Country ClickBank is not permitted as Paypal is Not allowed .So...
  5. F

    Could i sell this adult website?

    I have an adult website, i earn via plugrush + juicyads + crackrevenue 20-40$ a month. I get around 700-900 visitors from google a day.(over 60% from US) (whole traffic:1,395visitors 10,710 visits a day) I don't want to renew domain + hosting, because i don't have any license for using the...
  6. V

    How much is this site worth ?

    I want to buy a social exchange selling site. How much is a site like RankingSocialServices(dot)Com worth ? How much money can be made thru such a site ?
  7. therocketdude

    For how much does a microniche flips ?

    Hello, i am having a micro niche site that earns me a decent amount of money now when selling it how much months price i should ask the buyer to buy?
  8. N

    sell 150-200$ adsense micro niche site un flippa

    Hi, on of my small micro niche sites is making 150-200$... i want to sell it on flippa. how much can i get for this and can someone of you guys who is flipping websites help me to sell it ? thanks
  9. J

    [Method] How I made $935 on Tumblr

    I haven't seen many posts here talking about tumblr so I thought I would throw this out there for people who may be looking for ideas. This is SUPER simple and took about an hour of my time 3-4 times per week for about two months. (If you are doing the math, that is about $30/hour) I have...
  10. C

    Selling my site generating minimum $2k net profit / month

    I like to break the rules and try to sell outside BST.
  11. N

    Making $100 per day with Articles, now trying to expand into Site Flipping. Advice?

    Hey professional site flippers, hope everyone is doing well. I am currently making about $100 per day selling articles. I also sub out some work to 4 good foreign writers. I have a thread in the article section here, but I don't think I am allowed to post links. Seek out the thread if you like...
  12. L

    Flipping Just Domains

    I am new to flipping bizness and wondering can i register good keyword domains and just flip without developing them into full website, that make money with just buying and selling empty domains? Any helpful advice will be cherished.
  13. lawton

    Site Valuation - Opinions wanted

    Hey guys, I have a site that I totally forgot about and was wondering how much it may be worth. It's in the Movie Niche, I used to bank from ******* back when it first started and then after they came down on these sites I moved on. I haven't done anything to it in a LONG time but here's the...
  14. D

    Flippa for Noob

    I'm new to flippa and site flipping but I've gotten pretty interested. I have a question. I'd really appreciate if could answer here that has actually done this and post their experience and results. I see that you can purchase websites off of flippa that are already generating revenue. Has...
  15. H3ktor

    [Questions] Autoblog Flipping

    I am an expert of autoblogging. I can produce 3-5 premium designed autoblog per day. I am thinking of flipping fresh made autoblogs at Flippa. I tried to analyze the market of fresh autoblogs at flippa and could not come to an decision(There is no specific trend there :( ) So mates, I have a few...
  16. meathead1234

    Site Flipping 101

    Hey guys, Seeing as I requested this section, I thought I better kick off with a short guide. It's also my 250th post, so thought I should share something useful. I'm not really a fan of ebooks so most of this is my own experience in the industry. I'm by no means an expert but can hopefully...
  17. macdonjo3

    Will this work? [help neeeded] (flipping sites)

    So my plan is, to make a site then work on SEO and then sell on DP. Next I will do the same but sell it on flippa.com and etc etc. I will just keep scaling up. I really need some suggestions and advice for this. What type of site should I make? Forum, Blog or just a site with a bunch of...
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