flip domains

  1. Kintoups

    Find Websites/Blogs that haven't been updated in a while

    I'm trying to find some websites that haven't been updated in a while in certain niches and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or thoughts. So far, the only thing I can think about is to search for the footprint: Copyright 2000, Copyright 2001, and so on until 2020. Obviously, it's not a...
  2. H

    I want to start domain flipping. Tell me truth?

    I got an idea to start to buy and sell domain names. This business model seems easy to start with low cost, of course, I know I need to make a deep research before I can start seriously doing it. I need your help to tell me what is truth, how much effort it needs, and what kind of experience...
  3. elfrost

    is this expired domain worth something?

    here some metrics from majestic DA : 54 PA : 27 TF: 13 CF: 25 External Backlinks : 338,024 Ref. Domains : 2,805 I read about expired domain and this one have good metrics. seems that the domain was not used for spam and don't think its blacklisted. any comments?
  4. KJREDDY247@

    Any free listing services to sell domains?

    I have bought some good domains( at least I feel they are good because I bought them ;)) Is there any platforms available to list them and sell them for free.
  5. greenGabbard

    Domain Investing Tools List Please

    Can someone give me a complete list of tools for domain investing and maybe PBN's PLEASE and THANK YOU for your time, effort and consideration in this matter....and remember happy crawling....LOL
  6. B

    Help me to sell me 10 year old domain

    Hi BHW, I want to sell a domain in the health niche. It was 10 year old and PR 2. It also has Page Authority of 36.8 and Domain Authority of 24.54. Any experienced flippa sellers can help me to sell this domain for a % ? If anybody interested, please PM me your skype. Thanks & Regards...
  7. M

    freshcheque.com - what to do with it?

    total noob here, so I would really appreciate some advice! I bought the domain some time ago coz I wanted to start a local freelance job board, but I never got around to it. I'm wondering if I can let go of it and make a little money in the process. should I try and sell the domain straight up...
  8. L

    Flipping Just Domains

    I am new to flipping bizness and wondering can i register good keyword domains and just flip without developing them into full website, that make money with just buying and selling empty domains? Any helpful advice will be cherished.
  9. V

    Hello all. New here, got a question.

    Hey, new to this forum, been lurking forever and I think it's time for me to post. I am considering getting into domain flipping/selling, but I am confused on where to start. I just have a few questions: 1. Is it wise for newbies to eBay (such as myself) to start selling domains? I'm...
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