1. B

    Can You Get Flagged For Demonetization

    I made 10 youtube channels last year, but only 3-5 them hit the monetization milestone. They are clip channels, and mostly react content and vods. One channel got hit with demonetization for reused content back in July, and I just stopped doing it. Anyway, another channel recently got 200k...
  2. nirajjoshi

    YouTube ghosting videos!

    So, I decided to create accounts with android emulator and verified them with Voip numbers. Uploaded a movie. Got no copyright claim as its from a small studio and a local distributor. Guess what? It's been 48 hours and video is not even indexed. Tried searching with various filters but...
  3. M

    Using different Wordpress accounts for reviews, is this bad?

    Hello all, trying the good'ol review method with wordpress, having MY other account(s) with different personas have reviews for other people by commenting on their things to direct them over to the affiliate website. Is this method outdated? If not, my main question is; to use several other...
  4. K

    "How To Blow His Mind: Give him the Best BJ" Google Flag

    I want to be clear on something, let's say I'm running a dating site around "baking to strengthen a relationship". Then I run a post called "Is your gooey cookie not enough? Try a BJ" and run through bj tips and tricks, using "naughty words" like monkey and kitty. Then I follow up with a...
  5. J

    Videos getting taken down

    From 21st January every videos are taken down that are made for my website. Videos uploaded by me and the videos made/uploaded by users are taken down and showing reason flagged/spam. All videos are "how to ..." videos targeted to my niche. Is it Youtube or some one intentionally flagging...
  6. V

    Would be awesome if you guys could help me out

    Please flag this vid for sexual content, just check out 1:27 /watch?v=L4WM4d_mhGM My friend at Uni made this vid but it got taken down, and is now reuploaded to a new channel. Turns out that that video isn't getting any views because this scumbag bet her to it. Thanks guys! Spiral out
  7. B

    How to avoid Twitter flagging/suspending/banning your account

    Hi all, I thought it was a good idea to group on a thread all sort of tips to avoid hitting the twitter wall and getting flagged/suspended/banned. I guess most of us know twitter rules, but here I am talking of best practices and numeric limits that shouldn't be hit, based on your personal...
  8. B

    Stop Flagging Videos Morons!

    Ok, I don't post here often but I have been very successful in making money on youtube but recently to many idiots flagging shit right and left on youtube now. Im sure there is people on BHW that are doing exactly what im talking about, pls stop this shit, you're not just hurting others but...
  9. dblood

    guys flag this guy he stole my video

    problem persist i contacted youtube
  10. codeman1234

    Mass messages on Facebook

    Hey Guys, Just one fast question, what is the limit on sending messages on facebook before they flag you and dont let you send them for 2 days or so. How can you dogde this flagging? What do you guys recommend? There is any facebook massive message software? Cheers!!
  11. R

    Why Youtube accepts to delete an account because of flagging ?

    - Hey ;) We know that advertissement is not allowed by Youtube but it could be tolerated in some rare cases. -> And better, we can find technics which allow us to make our video non-commercial look. And that?s what I want to figure out. How to avoid videos/accounts deletion...
  12. K

    Is This The Way To Avoid People Flagging Our Video?

    hi there...:) i dont have problem to avoid youtube from deleting my accounts, but... im affraid, when i put the watermark (about making money online ebook) to a sexy video, people will start flagging my videos how about i make sexy videos, but besides the video (at the description) i...
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