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  1. O

    Can browsing time (day/night) raise bot scoring?

    Cheers. Can actions executed at weird hours (relative to time-zone) flag a profile as a bot, or increase the chance? ex.: regular actions at night when humans normally sleep. Extra question: which botting strategy will provide less profile blocks in your opinion? - fewer actions, every few...
  2. Webbyte

    Unable to appeal on flagged FB accounts

    https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/2026068680760273 Unable to appeal on flagged FB accounts facing problems in all accounts. anyone facing? Is any other link available for appeal?
  3. P

    Instagram flagged my home IP?

    Hi, I am an artist and trying to grow my account with IG. I have used Followadder (no proxy) in the past but IG has blocked my account for over a month (I mean I had just 1200 followers.. really..?). Anyway now is back to normal but: I believe the trust rate of my account aint looking good so I...
  4. N

    infecting my new facebook ad account

    My old facebook ad account got banned. A member of my team created a new facebook page, ad account and business manager, changed the credit card and created a new domain. I asked him to give me advertiser permissions on the new facebook page. Immediately after inviting my personal account to...
  5. henryhuy

    Account issue [ Phone verification => Email confirmation=> Actionrequire=>disaccount]

    Near day,Some Account got the issue: Phone verification => Email Confirmation=>Actionrequire=>Dis account. Anyone else got the same problem ? and how to fix this or recovery ?
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