first time

  1. T


    Hi guys first time righting a blog post!!!! :p First of all thanks fore reading! Little about my self here, i am a student (studying law) my biggest hobby right now is front end web developer. Yea it's a hobby, i really don't know how to describe it i started to learn like 3 months, and it's...
  2. mase1234

    HI boys and girls, i like it here :)

    First time here, i can help with pay-per click ads. Would like to ape more into social networks account farming and crypto marketing. Can help with anything marketing & Central Europe related.
  3. lamazes


    As the title says, any good investment with 10 dollar ? like example bots that can make extra :P and stuff
  4. xcalibur

    Who Where and How did you Break your Virginity?

    Care to share your unique story? Mine was after school, sneaked into the gym with my Chinese girl and one thing lead to the other. Funny enough we were both virgins :-o We were caught by a friend but not before we were done ;-) Been fun since then on the road of sexcapades.
  5. camul3

    Affiliate Promotion via Social Engineering Journey (£1000+ per month)

    Hello! Long time lurker first time poster to this forum. This is my first online money making journey! Okay so after reviewing a lot of guides on making money fast with affiliate links I have decided to implement this as my game plan for the next month or two. I am joined with Clickbank and a...
  6. Marcos Morales

    At the right moment.

    Hello everyone. I'm Marcos Morales, Venezuelan 19yo guy, and I hate politicians a lot. BHW has been to me, as a mother - an evil one - who constantly keeps me out of trouble. Although this community is one of the best I've seen from all IM forums, can't hide from finally signing up to this...
  7. O

    CPA ~ Youtube

    Hi guys never really tried anything to do with YouTube until now can anyone please help me understand when making your proof video, how do you 'give yourself the free money/items' like the game i'm choosing theirs no videos or anything made on it. How would i go about creating the video and...
  8. O

    First Day on BHW

    Hello everyone, My friend actually recommended me to this site and I can't be more thankful. I can't wait to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and start the journey of eventually owning my own business. As the title states this is my first day on this site but from what I've read so far I...
  9. lucas07

    How to earn money using affliate program/links and Pinterest?

    Hi I need advice, I want to earn money using Pinterest and affliate link. I don't know how to start and I also don't know how to use an affliate link. Please advice. Your comments is/are much appreciated. Thanks
  10. twist13

    Advice needed regarding a new blog and a first time blogger

    Hello to all, So i am planning to start/jump into blogging about a particular niche/topic that interests me. I read many different blogs/websites and now i'm one step away from starting it. I have only few (newbee) questions regarding that: - As a new blogger, would you start on a free...
  11. J

    Hello BHWorld !!

    Hello everybody, newbies here! first time to join big forum like this, first day and first post. Hope your'll be kind to newbies...
  12. R

    Ranking my very 1st website. Advice would be appreciated!

    Hello everyone, I have been around this forum for quite a while now and I learned a lot - big thanks to the community! Anyway, there's so much information about SEO that I simply got overwhelmed, if anyone could share a step by step guide with at least some kind of structure which has helped...
  13. F

    First Time Lucky

    Hey guys, Its my first day here. I want to do more with local search. I have been a webmaster for over ten years. Cheers...
  14. PChanger

    Ignore this.

    Sorry, I posted this in the wrong category by mistake. Ignore this.
  15. A

    My first time making money in 4 days 1K$ using mylikes :)

    Ever since making a facebook in 2009, I've been interested in making fan pages! Since 2009 & 2012 I had fan pages having 2 million+ fans in total! but then one day i got hacked and all my pages were stolen and facebook didn't do nothing. Still very disappointed to this day. The facebook fan...
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