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  1. SOCOM

    ❤️ How to Get SEO & Web Development Clients in 20 Different Ways [10 SLOTS for v1] ❤️

    Do you have an agency and you’re constantly looking up how to get SEO clients or how to get clients for web design? You might just be in luck. Right here is a comprehensive video course that will show you different ways that I have used and learned to find SEO clients. I want to be upfront...
  2. SkanderMehmet

    Zero responses from cold emails

    Sorry if put this in the wrong category, this is my first time writing here. I just started a software company with a friend mine and we are having a really hard time at getting clients. We are trying to find potential clients through cold email, but after 100 emails sent each we are not...
  3. TheToolbox

    How can i get my first client ?

    Hello BHW Community! I am a python developer and focust in web scraping and bot automation. I have the ability to develope what my clients or what i need. In my experience it is difficullt to get my first client. I dont no where can i find some. In fiverr, upwork, freelancer websites and so on...
  4. Enoryht

    How to find Poor and Ugly websites using only Google??

    Hello BHW! We all know that Google is the largest SE as of today. So I want to use it for my web design business. Can you please suggest some tips and tricks, maybe some rare methods in finding POOR or UGLY websites. What my plan is to find this kind of website and redesign in and offer...
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