1. Heiko

    Take action and don't let anyone diminish you!

    We only have one life. Don't live your life according to what people think about you or how they judge you. It must be you that is "OK" with the outcome. Once we start to manipulate ourselfs into justifying why we choose to do this instead of that we become a prisoner of the person that is...
  2. ogeee

    Youtube Vid With 15 million views

    Just found an old youtube vid about fighting I posted years ago now has well over 10 million views. 89%+ male, got 3/4 of a million views last 30 days. Don't really want to sell it or put someone else's link on it as I've been meaning to learn about youtube marketing for a while. What do you...
  3. V

    Programmer to make a Fighting Game

  4. dexterfly

    $1 billion business of blood sport

    hi everyone, I just received the May edition of Entrepreneur magazine in the mail and the cover article is about MMA and how the sport has become one of the most profitable business in the world. I love to watch UFC nights, specially because the brazilian dominate it all. :) But the...
  5. BHBodeezy

    Kimbo Acting like a striaght bit*h

    What was the deal with kimbo last night ? Took a shot to the face and was out like a light bulb lol. Seems to me that he needs to hang it up before he fights someone with some real skillz lol. Kimbo = Joke He should of stuck to the streets man. Last night was a poor and terrible display...
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