Take action and don't let anyone diminish you!


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Jul 26, 2016
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We only have one life. Don't live your life according to what people think about you or how they judge you. It must be you that is "OK" with the outcome. Once we start to manipulate ourselfs into justifying why we choose to do this instead of that we become a prisoner of the person that is judging us. You don't need to justify your actions because they won't understand it anyways. It's your life, it's your goal and people won't understand it just because they have a other belief system and thats okay.

If someone mistreats you or judges you by the actions you are taking then you have to let them basically know that you appreciate their input but you still choosing to take the action that you want. If they still keep on talking against you then you have to let them go and give them the gift of missing you. They don't appreciate your time. If they do then give them the best gift you can give anyone, which is the gift of your time. No one will ever do or say anything that is not a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves in a moment. <- REMEMBER THAT


You can only learn by your failures. Just because you have failed doesn't mean that you are a looser and don't know anything about that certain niche/etc. you are in. You are just not ready yet. Rinse, recycle, repeat. It is not over yet. As long as you can breath you can do whatever you want, and i encourage you to do that. Start that business that everyone in your family was against, talk to that girl that you are afraid to talk to, whatever. You might get rejected in both situations. The girl might not like you or turn you down, That business will might not work out.
But you know what?
You have tried it. You gave it your best shot and effort and now you know that it simply didn't work. That outcome is way better than to lying on your deathbed and thinking "Wow, i should have talked to the girl in highschool" "Wow i should have started that business in 2010"

When you are not taking action you are missing the opportunity. So take action now, get rejected, try it again, fail again, try again. And i promise you, if you keep on grinding and have faith in yourself you will eventually get to where you want to be in life. Just believe in yourself.

Thought i'd write a little story of how i have changed my worldview over the past couple of months once i got into the Lifecoaching Industry. Feel free to copy the text or do whatever the hell you want with it.

Some thoughts about the text would be appreciated, Thanks!
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