1. PeterPerseo

    Has anyone tried adsense on an autogenerated website?

    I'm running an experiment with an autogenerated blog (using rss feeds) and, after a couple of months, the indexing is excellent and also the ranking is going up fast. All this job is made with NO ONE BACKLINK!! Only autogenerated content, copied from several websites. I really wonder as google...
  2. S

    Automatically update price customizer feed in Microsoft ads?

    Hello everyone! I have a question for you, I cannot find the answer and as usual microsoft's support is crap. I want to add price customizers in my search ads in bing ads. So for example an ad will show Furnished apartments in city - From xxx price per month. The xxx price should be...
  3. A

    Need Person living in Europe/Australia/New-Zealand/South-Africa/West-Indies for my Work [Almost no Work at All]

    We run a private subscription based Sports Streaming Service/App in which we add mostly all Live Cricket Matches Streaming/Feed (but interested in adding other sports like Football & Tennis also) which are direct satellite feeds which are faster & have low latency as compared to regular tv we...
  4. aana3027

    inserting the attachment url to the wordpress rss feed

    I have a wp blog with 100 posts. each post there are 10 images / url attachments. How do I display the 10 images / url attachments in the WordPress rss feed?
  5. Josh Saga

    Why are threads from 2014 and below still appearing on my Home Feed?

    Hello All, Just wondering why even threads from 2009 are still appearing on my home feed here in BHW? Is this normal? I thought Home Feed displays the most current feeds? Did I get this right? Thanks, Josh Saga
  6. Milagro

    Seo Effect Of Disabling Feed/Rss?

    Happy Sunday guys!!! please i want to know if there is any seo effect if i disable feed?
  7. sanuras

    Best RSS reader app is...?

    Hello guys, so as you already know, I'm looking for recommendations for the best RSS reader application. I'm currently on iOS, but might switch to Android soon, so the operating system compatibility is not a concern. Let's say I have a news website and want to be the first one to know about...
  8. TheGypsy

    Backlink type question

    Hi, I've been doing some backlink research and came through a main site that has backlinks from various other sites feed with anchor. The backlinks looks like this: http://www.othersite.com/feed/ http://www.anothersite.com/feed/ I've checked for the feeds and there is no main site url there...
  9. Aveil

    Tagging people reduces reach?

    Today I saw in the stories of an influencer of my country (more than a million followers) that when you tag something or someone in a post it reaches less feeds. It's the first time I have heard this, do any of you know anything about it?
  10. hatterftw1

    Can duplicate content pages get indexed and ranked ?

    So in terms of RSS syndication if you were pulling in and RSS feed and reposting them to your site is there a chance some posts could get indexed and bring in some organic residual traffic in todays google, even though you changed nothing or maybe very litte ?
  11. K

    Need some help

    Hey guys, Are there any WordPress plugins that work like the Linkinprofile or linkinbio websites? Basically that just grabs the Instagram feed and lets me hyperlink every image to a specific link?
  12. unxcellent

    How to show live camera feed on a wordpress page?

    Hello All, I'm currently doing a website for a friend of mines, she owns a Children Day Care business. One of the things she wants is to show live feed of the day care/kids in a specific time of the day (something she can control) on the wordpress website. 1. does anyone knows of how can I...
  13. SMMJedi

    Celebrity Tweet Alert

    What is the best way to find out when a celebrity has tweeted so that you can be the first to reply? I'm talking any alert system like RSS, application integrated into Slack, smart phone alerts and so on; anything. Impressions go up considerably when you are one of the first, if not the first...
  14. waldes

    Pinterest remove account pics from feed?

    Did you notice, that pinterest removed profile picture in main feed or its my local problem? https://imgur.com/a/MsdyE
  15. drillseo

    Anyone know best Free Feed(RSS) submitter ??

    I want free RSS submitter
  16. GrowingmyInsta

    Instagram Feed

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I am new and still learning this website. I am searching for an Instagram bot that will like my Instagram feed day in and day out. Instagram feed- the home page where you see all of the posts from the people you follow
  17. metropolis123

    Youtube Feed

    hello guys i want ask if there is a way to receive Rss Feed from a specifics keywords from youtube i want to be notified if a new youtube is uploaded to youtube and if this video have the keyword i will have notification.. thank's
  18. Coepi

    Instagram 3rd parties - No more Feed

    Hey Guys After many years having a passive attitude towards IM and SEO I finally decided to take action by creating an Instagram page (one of many) that I'll use to hopefully create an e-commerce empire. The problem I'm facing right now is due to the fact that instagram disallowed 3rd party...
  19. R

    Dealing with new IG algorithm

    So I'm sure you all have heard that Instagram is ditching the reverse chronological feed in favor of one based on an algorithm like Facebook. In researching around I see a lot of mixed opinions on the how we will be impacted. Any solid facts are welcome and appreciated. A lot of strategies are...
  20. A

    Search123 & Yahoo XML-Feed cooperation ending today

    Cooperation between Search123 and Yahoo is ending today. Search123 announced, they will no more possible to provide XML AD Feed for Publishers. Any ideas for Search123 alternatives?
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