fb pixel

  1. omar abdi

    How to run ads Fb Pixel for Entertainment niche

    I have this entertainment niche website FB pixel 80k+ Data I was thinking to run ads on a different domain but same language and same niche I don't have Experience on FB ads but the thing I'm asking is how I can take advantage of this Fb pixel Data, and target tier 1,2,3 to drive traffic to this...
  2. B

    FB Pixel, Optimization & Cloaking

    Hey BHW, Is it safe to use a pixel on a cloaked campaign for optimizations? Cloaker is config w/o a redirect and I'm really just focused on increasing my CTR on the lander. If it's not how do I go about optimizing my campaign. Relavancy score is high, CPC is low, but no one is clicking...
  3. Ecodor

    Facebook Pixel CPA

    Does if I integrate the FB pixel in my prelander page CPA site will cause some troubles?