fb ads acc

  1. Boostyagency

    Ads i fb not start spending

    just set up all in new bm unlimited unverified, add payment all good ste up ads, all approved spend dont go just 0$ spend*( waiting 1 day.... maybe problem with payment method?
  2. Tommy Jame

    Post for "Agencies" - What if will your service was scammed by someone

    Like i told above, I wanna know what will you do if your customer already spent but them not pay for you :D Really wanna know)
  3. Facebook BM

    Facebook Partner Agency-FB Account For Rent

    1: Prenium Agency Information -Premium Agency specializes in providing a premium advertising format on Facebook. We have 8 years of experience in the online marketing business. Having a professional team, so far we have cooperated with many domestic and foreign partners. 2: Agency Invoice...
  4. D

    Can I use Facebook ads (FAN) approved from one app (which is in playstore) in another app (which is not in playstore) to monetize?

    Hello Folks! Need one genuine advice. I have an app in playstore and for which I got my Facebook ads account (FAN) approved to monetize. I want to use that facebook ads codes in another android app in which is not available on play-store as it comes in grey area. Can I use those ad codes from...
  5. Zhang Qiang

    Creat BM 80-80 Acc Unlimited

    First about BM 80: -BM 80 (Business Manager with 80 Acc Unlimited): This is acc quality suitable for WH Ads with 80 Acc Unlimited Spent( 5000$/day) *Next about resourse for creat BM80 -We need 1 BM has 1 account spent amount 300$ ( at least) for Whitehat Ads,Bill success 100% -We need 1 FB acc...
  6. bunty28

    Fb ads Charging you high ?

    I'm Running ads wth different ad sets. but day by day cost per result is going up and up. even i tried different pages different ad accounts. without changing anything in campaign not even single change still cost per result going up daily. is this weird shit is just for me or you guys also...
  7. Danny Crypto

    $3.54 Per Landing Page View - That is too much cost on FB ADS!

    Hey, can anyone let me know and help me out to notice what I'm doing wrong : - Reach - 1876 Impressions - 3352 Results - 4 I guess I've not selected the audience properly what else can be drastically wrong?
  8. bumisgood

    Looking for FB ADS accounts Daily $300 SPEND Rent or Want to Buy 2018

    Looking for FB ADS accounts in various countries US. UK,India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, ASIA ETC... Daily spend over $300 for each FB ADS acc I want to Buy one account at first time because each other is doing first transaction. But If there is trust each other, i want more FB ADS...
  9. bumisgood

    looking for FB ADS accounts Daily $300 SPEND

    looking for FB ADS accounts in various countries (except India) my Daily spend over $300 for each FB ADS acc i can pay in a 2 ways. Bitcoin or paypal NICH is dating also i can run my ads variety of ways. treamviewer yes. invite admanger admin yes. 3rd party adespresso yes. provide acc yes...
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