1. conexur

    What about Pangle? (Tiktok's Ad network)

    Hi: I'm integrating the Pangle SDK (The Tiktok Admob competitor) to try as secondary option for Admob, but not using Admob mediation, I will integrate directly with they SDK. Any prior experiences with this (RPM, etc)? Thanks.
  2. conexur

    No decent mobile network after Admob and FAN

    Hi, FAN has become a chaos, they ban apps for no reason and appeals don't work, nobody answers help messages or in the forums. Could it be that there are no other profitable options beyond Admob? The other networks I have tried are a laugh next to Admob or FAN. Any recommendations? Thanks
  3. conexur

    FAN (Facebook audience network) is dead

    It seems that FAN (Facebook audience network) has not been working well for some time, they take a long time to validate apps, some do not validate them, others are deleted, in short, it seems that they are no longer interested in compete with Admob. I have a lot of requests (200k daily) to...
  4. O

    [METHOD] How I made 500$ without any investment | Beginner-Friendly

    Hello BHW forum, I want to share with you today a nice method I used a few months ago to make some money before I moved to Affiliate marketing. I learned a lot from this forum in the past month and I think this is the moment to give some back :) So, you have no experience with making money...
  5. spamco

    Best Admob Alternatives - Admob limit solution *2022*

    hey if you are sick of admob limit use this networks i tested them all they are fine list not on order -FAN -Ironsource -Applovin -Unity 3D -startapp the worst of all of them but they pay on time cpa= -Also you can create your own banner ads through server and put cpa offer links in ...
  6. spamco

    Solutions To All Reskin Problems

    Im Back to smash dollars again , if you from morocco/tangier leave a comment or contact me i be happy to work together and share knowledge, even if you are not from morocco that fine , you all welcome guys i promise i share anything i know to help also you can ask me here in comments about...
  7. spamco

    Facebook Audience Network With Payoneer

    Hello Guys Is Anyone Here Tried Linking Payoneer With Fan (facebook audience network) Account .. Is It Working Have You Get Payment Without Any Problems Thanks,
  8. spamco

    The End Of Facebook Audience network

    Hey guys recently I can't get any app approved by Facebook, always the same problem 4.1 risk of violation , i tried to contact them but no response Please If u faced this problem before and you have a solution share it.
  9. FreeMan228

    Facebook Audience Network question

    Hello guys, recently I published 2 apps on google play where one was accepted by FAN and the second one is not. So my questions is it safe to use ads ids from the app which was accepted for the app which is not? Maybe someone had such experience:) I know that @vinku definitely know the answer ;)...
  10. sweeside

    Do I need to fill Tax form in order to be paid by FAN?

    My friend has last months payment delayed He has been previously paid before many times
  11. C

    Hire a Fan Base

    (Sorry for my bad English) Is there a service out there that offers the support of fans on social media? Like a farm of members that can defend or support a narrative? This is for a reputation management client I have.
  12. K

    My Instagram child account method journey

    #1 Lately I have been experimenting a lot with child account method, so I figured why not write about it? So here it is: My small-scale Instagram child account method journey Small-scale because I currently do not have money to go big. But of course I want to scale up in the future. Enough...
  13. K

    Examples of what child account method can do

    Hi guys! I am trying to find example accounts to see results of doing the child/fan/slave account method. So far I have found one: @projectsweetcaroline She has at least 50 fan accounts and if you look at her statistics, the growth is huge (1-2k every day). I am curious if you know others...
  14. K

    Anyone offering fan account method service?

    Hi! I know that Proxified is offering fan account method service, but I did not find anyone else. I already tried to ask in the want to buy section with no luck. So my question is: Do you know anyone who is offering fan/slave/child account method services? Thank you!
  15. MehdiBmm

    Is anyone still earning money with fan site?

    Fan sites were huge in 2010-2013 but is anyone still earning from them? Or anyone launched a successful one lately? If so, what are the best strategies to get traffic and best monetization? When I say fan site, I mean a site based on a personality like a footballer or an actor, maybe a team and...
  16. DrN3MESiS

    Facebook Auto-Schedule for FB Fan Page.

    Hello everyone! :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: Recently I started a new FB Page for an specific Topic/Niche; I managed to get the first 300 likes within a week, only by schedule-posting, liking and commenting on other related niche/topic pages. This is has been a lot of fun...
  17. 2colt5

    Mylikes method

    Hello everyone, does mylikes still work on FB fanpages? If so how are earnings? Thanks!
  18. 2colt5

    Grow Fanpage Method

    I am about to start a fanpage. I figured I would invest maybe 100 $ or so into ads to get it going. And the next step would be to promote some sort of giveaway to hopefully help it go viral. Is this a good idea? anybody have any other methods I should know about, thanks for your input.
  19. S

    Facebook Images Scrapper

    Hello Guys, Here is a awesome utility to extract the images from Facebook Pages. Facebook Images Scrapper It has search pages functionality so that you can search relevant pages and then select multiple pages from where you want to download images. You can also sort pages according to the...
  20. D

    Facebook Fanpage

    If anyone has a page with big audience and is willing to sell it HMU! I will buy!
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