facebook viral marketing

  1. Starblazer

    Meme Marketing is the next generation of Internet Marketing

    Everything in marketing is a variable except one fundamental thing. Anything that draws the attention of a user for a moment is a marketing opportunity. If you understand it, you can understand 90% of the trends in marketing. Let it be the hot girls in a car advertisement, adventures for a...
  2. Charly The Rabbit

    [Viral-Quotes] Invest Once, Promote Your Business FOREVER

    HOW TO PLACE AND ORDER ? Write us an email to [email protected] or visit https://viral-quotes.com Attach: Your logo or brand name Write the package you want to purchase. Ex: "Premium" Specify "Square" or "Rectangle" (only for Starter and Master packages)
  3. S

    My Journey from 0 to 15+ Million Likes

    I want this thread to be motivation for anyone who has been trialling viral pages to no avail or maybe has had little success but wants more. To begin, I have always been into marketing so getting into viral pages was almost inevitable. It all started in November 2015 - when me and my partner...