My Journey from 0 to 15+ Million Likes

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by StrictlyTheBest, Feb 10, 2017.

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    I want this thread to be motivation for anyone who has been trialling viral pages to no avail or maybe has had little success but wants more.


    To begin, I have always been into marketing so getting into viral pages was almost inevitable. It all started in November 2015 - when me and my partner put together a small investment of $100 to kick start a page.

    At this stage, we had no contacts on Facebook (Pages, Influencers, Employees etc) and didn’t know many other people doing pages - fast forward to today and we now have 15m growing likes, a share for share network at over 100m likes and at least 5 Facebook employees we liaise with on a monthly basis.

    The first thing we did was decide on a very generic name so we went for Funny Memes (the page has since been unpublished - more on this later!) - chose a generic picture of a smiley face/emoji, blank white cover photo and now it was time to figure out the content. Once we decided on what type of content the page was going to post - it was time to look our promotional avenues.

    We wrote a marketing strategy which was very basic and went as so:

    • 10 posts a day
    • 5 pictures / 5 videos
    • Each post shared to 5 groups per day
    • Re-shared in groups after 2-3 days
    In our minds this was the best strategy ever was going to grow us to 100k in 2 weeks but - fast forward two weeks of the above and we were only at 2-3k likes and very close to giving up. We felt we’d trialled every kind of video/picture but nothing was working.

    With little to no experience of runnings ads, we decided to utilise the $100 we had put together. Back then we were both students, no jobs so this was a lot of money to risk but it’s safe to say it was worth it. While we had no knowledge on how to actually run ads, the fundamentals of it all were pretty straight forward. We decided to only target Asian countries as these would generate the most amount of clicks with the budget we had. (Which still works today for anyone wanting to trial this or kick start a page - however after the first few pages we actually began hiding asian countries from them to grow tier 1 audiences and today over 80% of our 15m network is tier 1 - US, UK, EU, AU etc)

    We found 2 videos that were already viral on other pages and decided to split the $100 in half for each. We trialled the first one - and it bombed. We had been so excited to see great results and were met with the latter. Both of us we very close to giving up, after weeks of trying everything, putting hours into posting in groups, finding content etc and growth was very slow we just couldn’t figure out why.

    Trying not to be too disheartened we reviewed were could have went wrong with the ad - we decided we were not specific enough. So with the second video and the remaining $50 - while still targeted to Asian countries, we also utilised interests and behaviours closely related to Asians and the video in question (shows such as Takeshi’s Castle etc), we added around 15 interests - and that video ended up generating more 2m views in 24 hours.

    At this stage, we added a ton of other content (pictures and videos) and I’m not sure whether it was luck or we were fine tuning the content really well but 2 additional videos also went viral growing the page from around 5k likes to 40k likes in under a week.


    We’d cracked it - at least a portion of it. Now we rinsed and repeated (no ads, just fine tuned uploads), the page maintained "new likes this week" at 30k likes until around 400k when it was eventually unpublished for too many reports.

    When it reached 100k, we had already began a new page (which also, has since been unpublished - we really did learn the hard way). At the stage of beginning a new page, we stopped posting in viral groups as we had good leverage to do Share For Share with other pages. We set some deals up with a few pages of similar sizes and began speaking to small-time influencers for content (to avoid strikes).

    It ended up working as a snowball effect, so once the second page was now 100k, the first one was something around 250k, and so we began another page (third one is still up to this day however we sold it at 500k as we realised we were good at what we were doing and by the time the third one was 500k - we had an additional 4+ other pages we were now growing).

    We only ever put in the initial $100 investment to grow the pages and since then, it has almost all been organic growth. However more recently (within the last 6 months) we will run an ad if a piece of content is going viral to give it a bigger push but we like to stay away from running too many ads as Facebook will lower your reach at times if you’ve been spending ads and suddenly stop - to get you to pay more into ads.

    We grew our first 1m likes (collectively) in around 4 months and our first 1m like page in around double that time. Once we reached 10m it was time to get editors, work with influencers and make the push to formalise everything we were doing from just generic viral pages into a multi channel network. We are still in the process of formalising everything while we grow - it takes a very long time but it was certainly be worth it.

    We have never posted links to make money for ourself nor do we have a website. Many have called us crazy for that decision however, our intentions are GROWTH. We want 50 million likes on Facebook in the next 18months and hopefully begin to compete with the largest video publishers in the world. Once we feel we are at a stage were competition is low, we will monetise our pages with everything imaginable (links, products etc). But for now, growth must continue. We are however, monetised for views and did one product venture back in August which made us a hella of a lot of money.

    Had we given up at the first few hurdles we encountered then we probably would not have succeeded. Many people here will come to this forum hoping to find answers to riches and a how-to guide that will spoon feed you everything but that is not the case. If you want to grow millions of likes you have to have the mentality of not relying on anyone else. Help is good along the way but the more often that less a lot of the work, thinking power and decisions you make that make or break your pages will be at your hands.

    A couple of quick pointers for anyone starting viral pages:


    No ones follows a poorly branded page. If you can't think of good photos/designs to use them go for a very simplistic look. Don't forget there are people who land on your page as opposed to see your video on the news feed - so make sure your page is presented well enough to push them for a like.


    This goes without saying. GREAT HIGH QUALITY content is what converts. I can't stress this enough. KNOW your audience and KNOW which content they like. You won't have any success without this.


    Last but definitely not least. Have you been trying to run a page for a few weeks and it has no success? Close to giving up? Fine, do so! But if you're going to wonder "what if I gave it a little more" then carry on, bite your tongue and stick it out. This life is not easy and the life that YOU want is given to those who work hardest for it.

    It’s too easy to give up which is why many do it. Be consistent and you WILL have your breakthrough eventually. Believe me, I’m not just speaking from my own experience but many other people I’ve helped a little along the way (and many others to this very day just starting out that come to me for advice - I am always watching). Many gave up but the few I saw push and persist in their goals are reaching towards them. So, what’s stopping you?
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    I've been loving these posts lately! Thanks for all the contributing you've been doing to BHW! :)

    I need to step-up my Facebook game!
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    Interesting journey,good luck :D
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    Great read, I respect your hustle.
    Thats the way to go.
    Just make sure you don't receive too many "copyright strikes", because at one point your page(s) might get deleted, after Facebook gives you one final chance.
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