facebook update

  1. T

    Facebook Update Will Target Specific Groups and Individuals

    Facebook is taking new action to inhibit the spread of harmful content. The new restrictions begin by limiting the reach of groups and individuals, incrementally escalating to closing problematic groups and removing members who continue to violate Facebook’s rules and community standards...
  2. the gent

    New FUCKED UP Facebook's Feature

    Yep, Facebook Shops is rolling in upcoming months To all those who advertise with Facebook, now Facebook gives you the ability to create a shop directly on your business Facebook page, customers will NOT go to your shop ANYMORE, all shit will be on Facebook itself, and yeah all the data will be...
  3. slickbrick

    [FB Ads Update 2019] Apparently They Don't Want My Money

    I have 17 adsets (LLAs and new targets) with 20 to 50€s each and in 8 hours they only spent about 18 cents each. This only happened today, do you know what that could be? Client service is not answering my messages. Thanks!
  4. jimmybun

    [ASK] Adsense Monetized After Facebook Update!

    Hi Blackhatters, After completely updated of facebook recently, my groups that have about 3million members, my pages contain about 2millions fans would already died. I post the links that seem no one see it and come to the site. My question is how do you make legit traffic from facebook like...