facebook page admins

  1. xxx69

    Facebook Page worth with 6.6M monthly reach and 44k followers

    I want to know worth of my facebook page with 6.6M monthly reach and 44k followers. Niche: Programming Related All likes and followers are real with organic growth. Here is the page insights:
  2. C

    My Facebook Page Reach Is Going Down... HELP

    I have started a facebook page last month and when it has 2K likes , it had amazing engagements and reach. Actually I got 100-200 likes per post when I have 2 K likes. had 20-50 shares too. But ,from few weeks I don't get enough reach. I have 5 K likes now. But the reason is , I get only 10 15...
  3. neshkaa

    FB Page - "applied attribution to your video"

    Hi everyone, I run a local facebook page that creates awareness about a cause. Part of the content of we post is content from other pages / organizations translated in my country's language - this includes articles, images and video (to which we always add credits to the author). There are...
  4. coolerthing

    I must be cursed on Facebook!

    Hey BHW! So long story short before 5 days I woke up as usual and I went to log into my fb account (14 years old account on which i have run and still runned many many ads, i was spending around 70$ daily on fb ads) Account disabled. And when I saw that I was mad but this is just the beginning...
  5. S

    Want to buy Facebook Pages with fans

    Hello, I want to buy aged, english fb pages with a few thousand US / European likes. If you sell some, write me a message!
  6. I

    300K Facebook Page is Gone!! HEEEELLLLPPPP

    Hello Blackhatworld members^^ As the title mentioned, I lost a 300K Facebook page last week!! I can ensure you that It wasn't hacked.. Ihe content was mine, so no copyright. I didn't monetize the page. I didn't use proxies + I'm the only Admin, yet It disappeared!! How can you please explain...
  7. Arsen Mesri

    My Facebook Page Has Been hacked

    Hello guys, My Facebook Page Has Been hacked How to recover it ??
  8. MadBlackHatter2

    Facebook page admin blocked, please help

    My facebook page admin got blocked for security reasons, I hadn't spammed only like 8 posts a day but I think that all my colleagues were logging into that profile too much. Now my admin is blocked and I only had one admin (amateur mistake), I sent off the image for page verification but my...
  9. MaxMal

    [Need Help] Facebook Page

    Respected BHW Members, We Create a Facebook Page, My Friends Was Admin of that page and i was a editor of that page. Now my friend facebook account is permanently Disable, Now i am the only editor of that page, now i want to become a admin of that page or i want to make other admin of that...
  10. M

    Facebook Page Growth hacks with $0 budget

    Is there a way to increase the amount of my Fb page likes and deliver the content to my target audience without using Fb ads? I constantly make video posts, but they do not get viewed or go viral , through some competitors' videos just like mine go viral. I tried some techniques like specifying...
  11. K

    i want to promote image to facebook page...

    i have this image. https://w3saver.com/download_song.jpg and i want to promote this image to facebook page which have high number of page like and active audience so where i can find those page admin(s)? and what will be cost per one post? if anyone is interested then pm me...
  12. Badal Hossain

    What is The Best Way To Invite Facebook page to Facebook Profiles??

    I want to know, how to invited Facebook page To Facebook Profile? Example : My Facebook Page Name : Solution Touch I want to invited people to like my page.. admin mood.. Like: Solution Touch invite you to like this page......☺ Free Methods...
  13. sachincharpot

    Share has more reach or Comment?

    I have a Facebook, I want to know that a share give you more reach or a comment. So i can focus on that type of post. thank you in advance
  14. N

    [GIVEAWAY] Post to multiple Facebook pages from one place

    I know managing multiple facebook pages can be very time consuming. So I developed this simple app which allows you to post link, images or videos to multiple facebook pages with one click. Hope you find it useful - http://anikendra.com/facebook-page-manager/ Feedback and suggestions would be...
  15. A

    Facebook page cloning.

    Does the previous facebook page cloning method still work? I want to clone my 20 k page and merge the extra one into my personal facebook fan page but can't do it with previous trick. Any new trick ? Thanks.
  16. F

    Need to track admins behind FB page

    Hello all, I wonder if someone could help me unveil which physical persons lay behind a certain Facebook page. Services accepted from verified users, will pay in advance. Ty!
  17. B

    Need to find the admin of the page

    How do I find the admin/creator of the page? I tried all tricks possible. It's a company page and was created by a previous employee. First, we want to know who the admin is or if you can hijack the page and give us access, that would be better. Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  18. E

    How to sell my Facebook Fan Page with 100,000 likes??

    I was wondering how i can sell my Facebook fanpage that has 100,800 likes, what websites should i use?
  19. F

    Looking for Facebook Pages for posting links

    I own several websites and I'm in need of facebook pages where I can post the link to increase the traffic. Facebook page admins, please get in touch with me. What I'm looking is - Facebook pages with more 100,000 likes - Active pages with good engagement - Any Nice will do - Pay will be...
  20. P

    Code for change from Content creator to manager

    please try to help my find way to change Content creator to manager in facebook there are trip for that its code put in Inspect element