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  1. R

    How to Block Non-Member from Seeing Group Posts?

    Hi! Someone is harassing my group members by messaging them, How can I block this person from seeing group posts? He is not a member so block does not work... My group is public. I found this article, but it is outdated and FB changed heir interface already...
  2. V

    Female facebook to share content on Nitch FB groups

    Hello, I need to share something in Nitch Facebook groups. Please MESSAGE me your prices and let's chat. No games and let's get to work. Thanks
  3. eunicemartinez_21

    Advertise my FB group into related groups

    I need someone who can advertise my FB group gaming related to other related group. I am looking to grow my group as fast as possible. Kindly explain to me your process of advertising in PM and how much it cost. And if you have other ways to grow my FB group members like DM, adding friends...
  4. Instaboy85

    Mass Invite People to a Facebook Group

    I have a facebook group and need to find a way to mass invite (preferably) or manually invite NON friends to my group. I managed to scrapped a list of users from a competitor and I have some basic data like name/lastname/fb url. The legit way to invite users to your page only works if they...
  5. nilkam

    (Giveways) Extract Data From any FB Groups For First 5 People

    Hey Friends Today I'm Free and i start this giveaway again for First 5 People who comment here Comment Here and PM me Fb Group Link that you want data (Only Public Group Link PLZ) Note - this is Only for First 5 People who comment here Fist Comment Here and then send me link in private...
  6. R

    I failed with two facebook groups. How do you create an engaging fb group?

    I made an fb group to discuss about gadgets. We gained 20k members in 6 months and initially the discussion was good, around gadgets and everything niche but then people got bored and they started discussing random things, putting random things (cat videos etc). We moderated the group but no one...
  7. T

    How to monetize a Facebook group with 25,000 members?

    I own a Facebook group with around 25,000 (real) members in the music niche (mainly consists of music artists & rappers) and i was wondering what are the best ways to take advantage of it and monetize it. I’d mainly like to use the group to drive more traffic to my music website where i sell...
  8. W

    How to find facebook group

    Can you please recommend a method or software to find many facebook groups where I can post without approval (approval to join or approval to post)? Thank you.
  9. V

    Facebook group posting / marketing

    Hello, I’m looking for someone to Facebook auto post or Facebook marketing. Groups or your personal methods are fine with me! Please MESSAGE me your prices or sky-pe. Thank you. :)
  10. Olayinka Ojo


    I am from Nigeria and wish to verify my facebook page. If there is anybody here that can help me, please pm through my email [email protected]
  11. Icey Dan

    [AMA] Facebook Pages and Groups

    Hey guys. I have some free time this evening so I thought I would answer any Facebook page or group related questions you may have. I have 4 pages totaling 1.6M likes combined as well as 4 groups totalling 85K members. Having been growing and using Facebook pages & groups successfuly for a few...
  12. emvam

    Facebook Group

    Hello everyone, i'm new and haven't too much knowledge about this topic, actually i wanna add more than 10k members in my group. I wanna do this project using autopilot so which tool i should use and how. Can anyone help me step by step. Thanks in advance
  13. Icey Dan

    [Knowledge Bomb] Get High Converting Dating Leads From Facebook

    Hey guys. After 5 years on the forums I finally caved and bought Jr Vip - and I couldn't be happier. To celebrate I figured I would drop some valuable knowledge I've used to make a few thousand over the last few months. Enjoy! So there is a growing community of Facebook groups dedicated to...
  14. emvam

    Facebook Group Members Grow 2019

    Hello everyone, i'm new and haven't too much knowledge about this topic, actually i wanna add more than 10k members in my group. I wanna do this project using autopilot so which tool i should use and how. Can anyone help me step by step. Thanks in advance
  15. A

    Facebook Group Help Needed (users, messaging, growth hacks, automation, etc)

    Hey all, Looking to work with one or two people to grow a Facebook group in a niche owned by 3 groups (one 40K members, and the other are both 10K). A bit of money for ads, but would like to pursue organic as much as possible. The group will be starting from scratch, so need to generate as...
  16. CMG

    Mass group posting?

    Hi, guys! Is there any free way to mass share posts from a Facebook page to multiple groups at once? Thank you!
  17. S

    How to take care of like 400+ Facebook groups?

    Like what should I do in order to keep them nice and clean from spam and etc.? TYIA for suggestions
  18. W

    Find facebook groups

    Hi, I have seen some guides where it was told that it's fairly easy to join many groups and post content there. I have tried this with some groups where freebies, coupons are posted. I did join 20+ groups and started to post something (not spammy) to the group... questions, information, some...
  19. jul3s

    [Method] Make money with Facebook Groups

    Note: For those that are following, this is Day 2 of my 30 Day Challenge posted in Journey Discussions part of the forum. I know there are some lucky Facebook ads accounts with an option to target FB groups. But for the rest of us that are not so special, we have to do the extra work (totally...
  20. Seagate44

    How to rank post in groups?

    Hey guys, the best way to rank posts in groups? My idea was to just add like 50 fake profiles to each group and like & comment your own post so it will increase in rankings. Obvious lol. But what tools will be helpful? Do you guys even do that? I bet you do. I never did it before, I got this...