facebook group

  1. TrinityS

    How To Share Links On Our FB Group?

    I have created a Group and Invited people from all my network to join. I am getting good response so far. But FB is not allowing to share links, they call it as spam. Please any expert help me on how to do this. Thank you all
  2. B

    Where can I buy Facebook Groups?

    Hey there, As the title says, where can I find and buy Facebook Groups? Do you guys have any? Thanks, have a nice day!
  3. Android Tipster

    How would you monetize such a group?

    I have a Facebook group where members advertise job vacancies. It has a little more than 15k members and grows by about 100 new members per day. I haven't been able to figure out how to monetize this group, so, I figured I'd ask the community here for advice.
  4. R

    I have a Facebook Group with 80k follower but i don't know how to monetize it with cpa

    Hello. I registered at CPABUILD recently and I haven't earned any dollars yet. I have a domain name connected to my hosting account and I can post on Facebook directly thanks to deployment package my Facebook group Niche is movies and series I also have a page with 30k likes with the Same...
  5. xxx69

    Getting error on post approval page in my Facebook group with 2Million+ members

    Posts Approval page is not working in one group. Not working in both android & desktop version. Is there anyone who have faced the same issue before??? Getting this error from last 2 weeks. Reported to facebook several times but no response. Posts approval page working fine in mobile browser...
  6. E

    [HELP]Now i'm not getting sales.

    Hi, i want to DM to the group of members for my promotional offer but the problem is my messages are going into spam so that they are unable to read it. Early the messages goes into request so i will get sales but now i'm not:weep::weep: What are the ways so the facebook can't put my messages in...
  7. E


    Hi, is there any way to DM group of people in bulk and the message goes into request not into filter spam. Cause i want to grow my facebook group by doing DM to the members of others group.
  8. TomV

    How can I dominate facebook groups in my country?

    Hey bhw, I am from the Czech Republic a country with 10,5mil. people and I have many social media projects that I need to promote. I want to use the power of facebook groups. So I had the idea to create 20-50+ facebook accounts that could share my posts and things I need in facebook groups...
  9. A

    Hello, I have a group on Facebook for my recipes

    Hello, I have a group on Facebook for my recipes How can I profit from it I do not want Adsense Is there an idea The group has 100 thousand and there is interaction
  10. Chuchitas_009

    I need some automation tool.

    Well friends, I currently have 10 Facebook pages, 20 Facebook groups, 50 Pinterest accounts, 15 Instagram accounts, and I would like some automation tool, thank you.
  11. eunicemartinez_21

    [Need Advice] Is newly Created FB Group Easier to take down?

    So there is an attacking that is happening in my Group Niche and this one guy successfully taken down all of his competitors Group including me. Now I am planning to create a new one (Same niche). I have a freshly created FB group ready to promote until I talk to the one of the owner of the FB...
  12. alurosu

    My 230k members Facebook group + your product and selling skills

    I have a Facebook group with 230k+ members that know and understand programming. Most people are from the Asian region. I tried selling Amazon affiliates, but I only have a USA account. People clicked 3000 times, but I got only 3 sales. I'm thinking I need an Indian affiliate account. I can't...
  13. Chibimaruko.K

    How can I reach Facebook Group admin efficiently? Messenger them but never reply.

    Looking for Facebook Group admin to promote giveaways. Try to add admin and messenger them but never reply. Any efficient ways?
  14. emvam

    Need help to Facebook group with massplanner

    Well, I heard that massplanner is still active not sure but some1 told me you can get it via invitation. Actually I want to build a FB-group for a specific niche and that's why I need automation software. can any1 tag or share me with any updated good guidelines about it?
  15. sparkh

    Facebook Groups Private vs Public

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice regarding Facebook Groups... Which one will grow better ? Public group or private ? I always preferred private groups, but with last update, Facebook is showing "suggested public groups" so I think public groups have a lot more potential now
  16. Misan

    How to share existing fb post in multiple fb groups at once??

    Hi guys, after may update facebook disable the option to share in multiple groups at once, some tools out there I checked some of them but they don't have the option to share the existing post. they offer only a new post that can be shared. but I want something that can help me to share an...
  17. im_network

    Best facebook automation tool for growing accounts and groups

    Which is the best tool for growing accounts by accepting 100-200 friend requests per day, inviting 100-200 friends to groups, schedule posts in groups, do some likes or comments in random to behave like a user, keeping each accounts device/browser finger print different? Currently i am...
  18. Jeffoski

    How do I fix this...?

    Hey guys! So I tried to join a group with a page I created some days ago (about a week now) but the page doesn't appear on my list of pages I can select to join the group. How do I solve this? Kind regards.
  19. im_network

    Suggest me the best method to make money from facebook accounts with friends

    I have facebook accounts with 4-5k friends, mostly Indian friends interested in adult niche . Should i use ewhoring to send them to some adult CPA offers ? or use them to build a fan page or group in adult niche ? Or it's better to sell the account itself for some 50 to 100 usd and keep on doing...
  20. fxkool

    Virtual Assistant Needed [Blog/Forum commenting; Facebook groups posting]

    Hello, I need someone who can help me do the blog/forum commenting on numerous blogs posts and forums that relate to business/finance/investing, etc. I will be providing the comment itself (with an embedded aff tag) and all you need to do is just post it on certain forum threads and blog...