facebook ads campaign

  1. D

    Which Post Can Be Viral ?

    Hi Guys, I am running multiple fb accounts for different country targeting. Is there any way to get viral posts of that particular country. Any tool which can dig out the social stats of a particular website post ? Also, I need these leads for a long term. So any method to make sure the...
  2. johnhustle007

    My FaceBook Ads Account Your Profitable Campaigns

    Hey, I have multiple facebook ads accounts, some are warmed up and others are fresh untouched. Accounts belong to real people, accounts are over 5+ years old. I have the account owners ID or drivers license to appeal if the ads account get flag. I'm looking for the perfect JV partner for...
  3. D

    How to target my facebook ads?

    Hi Members, I want to target for a specific age group and need them to click on my facebook page link. Is there a way where I can find good posts on which old people would click. Thanks and Regards!
  4. O

    This Is How I Make Money With Facebook Ads + Clickbank (100-5000$/w)

    Hi! What I'm about to share I have seen before over the forum, YET I have never seen it before get done RIGHT! First off, create a clickbank account. Very easy, not much required Step 2. Choose a Product that people may need (look healthcare, acne stuff works good, etc) Step3. Create a...
  5. seoxz

    Are facebook ad manager tools worth it

    I have been seeing a lot of tools the last few days to improve my ad results would it be worth investing in a tool like this. If yes what would be the best option
  6. kaizenKNIGHT

    [FB Ads TRICK] How to Get High Click Through Rates on Your Ads

    I have heard many people talk about their ads not getting clicks, low reach etc and when eventually the ads pick up, they have a hard time finding the best countries to scale to. Well, I am going to share 2 tricks, 1-A Trick on getting high click through rates on your ads (Some may already...
  7. ahmedEL

    How to test landing pages in fb ads ?

    Hi Can you please share with us your strategy to test articles/landing pages or products in facebook ads do you test 30 40 articles to find one or two winners ? how much interest do you test per adset one or two or multiples ? and how much ads ? Thank you
  8. Bananatree

    Blackhat Facebook Marketer

    Hi There, I am looking to Hire a facebook marketer for my online business. Will have to be blackhat advertising with cloaking or whatever else you do to fool facebook. Thank You
  9. El_Pedro_Blanco

    Facebook Ads - Best alternative to AdEspresso

    Hi guys! Do some of you use an alternative (free or not) to AdEspresso? This platform is really nice but I'm looking for a platform that could help me to manage my campaigns more easily and more quickly. PS : if some you know alternatives for others ads platforms, your suggestion will be...
  10. Nick T.

    I need many Facebook Ads Accounts

    Hello I need many facebook ads accounts tp run blackhat ads if there is anyone who could provide me facebook ads accounts with payment methods contact me via skype : [email protected]
  11. A

    How Can I Run A Successful Facebook Ads Campaign For A Debt Relief Affiliate Offer

    please, i am intending to run a debt relief affiliate offer using facebook paid advertising, but i need some insight knowledge in these two areas : 1) How to be successful at getting leads from the campaign (conversion). 2) How could such campaign be approved by facebook for ads. because it...
  12. turkeypockets

    Recap of reverse phone campaigns; $200,000 revenue over 3 months

    Facebook demands a unique approach to to grab the initial attention of the user, because there is not as much intent in the click. But this can also be very enjoyable when devising your campaigns, enabling creative strategies. I targeted men exclusively, which is less often the case in this...