1. Rollfic

    So you can't ask to share?

    In my ad copy, I had - Share this page and I got a notification ad was limited and it will be shown to limited people and my ad will not perform well because I cannot ask people to share my page? That was the notification I got. So we pay money but asking people to share our page is against...
  2. L

    Facebook boosting trick

    I want to know how to spend more than the threshold without being billed in the advertising account. Can someone guide me? Instead, I will show you how to create an account with a higher threshold than the normal threshold. Thanks you.
  3. RooT-00

    Facebook Coupons

    Is there is any way to get facebook coupons in a systematic way? For Ex: 1.Create x accounts 2.Warm up the accounts for x days 3. Do X to get the coupons And how to maintain this Second Q: Any vendors to get coupons for a cheap price? Thanks in advance
  4. metatransmission

    /DROPSHIPPING/ - Journey to $1000

    Hello friends... I'm working on a dropshipping store. Niche is fashion. Figured keeping a journal of my progress on here would be a good way to introduce myself to the BHW community and also give me a sounding board for various frustrations. Maybe I can even help out some of the people who are...
  5. shaggy99

    How not to trigger Facebook checkpoints in 2019 ?

    Because I had hard time making more than 3 accounts on my home ip, I thought that I should create new facebook accounts on different Google chrome profiles, with different free proxies enabled on each profile. But it gets worse. A few minutes after each account was created I get the SMS...
  6. M

    How to monetize a 90k active hot page

    How would you monetize this page. its very active. Latin fans. Top mexico, colombia, perú 2 a 3k likes x post Thanks. Marco. skype: marcoxgrados1
  7. rg111

    How much time does SMM services have left??

    hello bh! I wanted to talk on this issue about SMM services, facebook / instagram is updating its algorithms a lot and also is going to take measures about the fake influencers this can lead to the end of SMM services, you who think about the issue? how much longer will the smm panels last...
  8. Vaibhav Adlakha

    Facebook phone verification service

    Hey everyone, Please, can someone suggest me a reliable, effective and risk-free Facebook phone verification service which one can use to verify Facebook accounts? You all know Facebook asks for your phone number when you create a new account on Facebook, so please suggest some websites that...
  9. S

    How can get shares in US fb groups?

    I want promote my blog about soccer, and i want know what is the best service to promote links in facebook. the smm panels look all the same and with any confidence. What can suggest to me that don't be buy jarvee and request access to groups Thanks
  10. K

    How to be successful with smm panels?

    I understand smm panels pretty much do everything now a days weather its YouTube views, YouTube likes, subscribers, All the way to Instagram followers, likes, comments, and it also does everything for sound cloud... I have also seen smm panels be able to upvote Instagram comments or if you have...
  11. themrhassan12

    How do I solve this notification from Facebook "we removed your post because it looks likes spam"?

    How do I solve this notification from share in Facebook groups "we removed your post because it looks likes spam"? i share just pictures whats problem ? and what's the solution
  12. C

    Looking For Instagram/FB/blog Health Page To Promote My Product

    I have a health company (FDA approved products) and I am looking for someone to promote it via social media on your health page. PM for info with your price.
  13. BuzzLT22

    Services for artist?

    Hello all After starting our adventure in another topic. (https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/journey-started-from-the-bottom-and-be-a-famous-artist.1024347/) I would like to have advices, tips and others things about services, apps, method and plans that you can know to help an artist to grew...
  14. A

    I am looking For BEST SMM Panel For Youtube views

    Hello, I tried some panels But i dont link there services there support is not cooperative and some other problems i faced.. So Now i am looking for best smm panel who can provide youtube video views non drop.. I need a demo funds to try these views if i like i will be permanent to them...
  15. Unrealworld

    Lost facebook admin role :(

    Today someone told to my friend to make him admin of the page because he will help him to make money together, then he trust him and gave the admin role, because he trusts fb rule (Note: If you're a new admin, keep in mind that you may need to wait 7 days before you can remove or demote another...
  16. J

    How to make facebook video profile from NOX or Bluestacks?

    Hello forum So i saw some people that have a profile video that isent taken from there phone its a part of a movie or a video clip or a gif Can anyone tell me how to make my profile with a custom video?
  17. ZIGCER

    How can i get viral script on facebook ?

    i want a script like https://en.testony.com That member can create their own test or script that can get friend list like nametests.com How can i get these script
  18. S

    Help with this Idea

    I don't think mass email is working for me or i did not find the right tools for it since i have a email database of 100.000 real emails. So, i want to do this get Real facebook people id and send them anonymous message on FACEBOOK MESSENGER with a message like " You most check this out"" and...
  19. Nowrid Ahsan

    Ben Malol's targetting formula worth it?

    is there anyone where that has bought it? and what do you think about it? I'm a noob in fb ads and was looking for some info, is it worth buying?
  20. gh0st_0

    Facebook does not want to scrape my domain [HELP]

    Ok so few days ago i changed my theme, this i when this problem happened. Facebook does not scrape my domain for some reason, so when i try to share some link it does not do anything and when i try to use the Facebook Debugger tool i just get a blank white page for some reason. Some people told...