face book friends

  1. syphaxmail

    Looking for JV freelancer for USA based shopping cart

    Hi all, I have fully finished shopping cart which currently sourcing from aliexpress and have approved account with USA dropshippers. I am looking for a freelancer who will take care sales part it including adword setups. My employee will take care product research and sourcing part Please...
  2. cojocusd

    [WTB] Romanian Facebook accounts with at least 3k followers

    I want to buy romanian facebook accounts with at least 3k followers. If you have any please write a comment or PM. Thanks!
  3. P

    Travel agency

    hello guys. Im a travel agency from albania,i want to improve my social networks to get more client and followers. Somebody can help me?
  4. W

    Facebook 2018 Tool

    Good day all. Is there any present working bot in the current iteration of Facebook? I have a project that would be best served using this. Thank you.
  5. Great ruler

    facebook getting ban very quickly ? how to slove .

    1. when i create new accounts then add timeline and photos 2.few friend request 3. then my page other group with few seconds it asking id proof (it same for fresh and one year old too) Any way slove this problem
  6. L

    Managing Facebook: what soft you use?

    I want to work with facebook and create some groups to promote CPA offers. But need help What soft you use to create and manage accounts/add friends/make multiple posts/etc? Is it possible to get something for free?
  7. S

    Excluding Facebook audience

    HI All, I have been promoting an offer on Facebook Ads which involves a form-fill. Problem is that I am getting lots of duplicate entries. Is there any way to exclude that traffic which already subscribed to my offer??
  8. Minerva78

    Revealing hidden Facebook friend lists

    Hello all Please excuse me if I am getting this wrong, I am new to this but trying to learn. I am trying to find out if it is possible in some way to see another FB user's hidden friends list. I know there used to be a loop whereby you could see at least some by utilising the 'mutual friends'...
  9. naveenkm3783

    Aged FB Non PVA A/c Require

    Hi, I need quality Aged Facebook Non PVA Accounts. Accounts should be 1 year or more old. These accounts should have random English Names and Profile Pictures. I will require: 1. Associated email account. 2. Password of Fb Account 3. Password of Email Account 4. Date of...
  10. C

    CPA offers through facebook messaging

    There was a thread on here that i found not too long ago that detailed a method I thought was pretty interesting, i bookmarked the page but I can no longer get back to it, so I had some questions. The method was to create a fake facebook profile of a hot girl and friend a lot of guys, once you...
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