1. sina999

    Big German YT Channel Just Exposed SMM Business

    Today a big german youtube channel named "Simplicissimus" with 330K subs exposed the SMM Business with this video (it's in german but maybe someone can translate) They are basically telling how the online shops, supply chain and smm panels work. And also how these followers/likes are...
  2. #DieSHARING

    DECODING THE LIES UnSub Bug Lets talk about subscriptions SOLVED

    My name is Preston Tyler Hudman and in my video I am presenting IMPORTANT information about the YouTube algorithm. It's an hour long for a good reason in fact its incomplete and theres much much more to the story some of which is available on my channel but much of which has not even been...
  3. ApexTemple

    I Need Some Advice For My New "SHOW"

    Hey there, there is some funny things you can actually do, one of them is to start your own show and to call it something like "Online Marketers exposed" since there are some many of them at this stage. I have set up a Website with some courses and products but since I am against all those "Tai...
  4. BirdPerson

    The wall street journal exposed

    I dont know if any of you guys watch youtube or know about the whole WSJ thing, but if not i'll break it down to a really simple explanation/timeline (do your own research im just pulling this from memory) The WSJ attacks PewDiePie calling him a nazi and cherry picks clips out of context from...
  5. S

    Fiverr Scammer "horizental" BE AWARE

    Hello everyone, just wanted to give you guys a heads up if you guys order gigs on Fiverr just make sure you don't buy any from a seller called "Horizental" Seller had said.. "Horizental: Sir, your order is on progress, so don't worry to get the followers. Should be done within 24 hours, good...
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