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DECODING THE LIES UnSub Bug Lets talk about subscriptions SOLVED

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by #DieSHARING, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. #DieSHARING


    Jan 22, 2017
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    My name is Preston Tyler Hudman and in my video I am presenting IMPORTANT information about the YouTube algorithm. It's an hour long for a good reason in fact its incomplete and theres much much more to the story some of which is available on my channel but much of which has not even been produced yet. However whats in this video needs to be seen by all right away. The following keywords I chose because this video is a direct response to the videos related to these keywords. seeing these keywords will give you a good idea of what topics will be covered in the video:

    "YouTube Help lies" "lets talk about subscriptions" "lets lie about subscriptions" "derral eves how to grow fast" "decoding the youtube algorithm" "PewDiePie subscriber glitch" "blackscreentv glitch" "negative sub count COVER UP" "UnSub Bug" "automatic playlist channel strikes"... "pewdiepie FAKE NEWS"

    ...response video"

    So that pretty much describes what its about and if your a YouTuber then its imperative you see it to completion, then continue on following my research as i present more and more evidence of these crimes google is committing. Major amounts of internet fraud, false advertising, click fraud, criminal empires spawning waves upon waves of criminal empires... yeah my name is Preston Tyler Hudman and my contact information is below. thank you.

    [email protected] (PayPal)(Business)(email me with any questions you have and I will never show anyone your email and it is not an email list so you will only get personal messages from me to you)

    @presticlaus on twitter (follow me and like/RT all my tweets plz ;) (I stay active and I follow back plus I upload videos too)

    Preston Tyler Hudman on FaceBook (this is where I am uploading bulk evidence and documents I have pertaining to my investigation so send me a friend request and you can see it for yourself)

    Last but not least my official Facebook page called PrestiClaus where again I'm uploading video content as well as images. PLEASE HIT THE LIKE BUTTON ON MY PAGE. TY

    Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Just search for PrestiClaus.
    I have 3 other YouTube channels that are packed full of videos unrelated to this subject and most of them are comedy videos. You may enjoy them and so those channels are called SECRET WiNS TheSaviorOfYouTube and BlueWater Energy Solutions. They are highly unique and original comedy videos. I play call of duty. Enjoy

    ...This was me being as polite as possible but sometimes I am not so nice when it comes to this subject. I have VERY good reason for that. Please help me or seriously check yourself because you are all part of the problem. and time is of the essence. We need to band together but most of you love the enemy way too much. selfishness has consumed pretty much everybody in the space.