1. mainceaft

    Beside BLs is there any use of Expired domains?

    Hi all, I had couples of my domains expired long time ago. after thy lost traffic/ranking etc... I wounder If I re-register them again (and do proper SEO) with them could they bring any good for me, even using them as part of PBN? I means does G still memorizes (their previous authority on the...
  2. mainceaft

    is it any good from expired domains BL or should I build my own instead

    So couple days ago I start project with my partner trying to build our own PBN, We both already had couple running websites but they still not doing well in the SERP. And now we start looking for quality expired domains, and less what I can say it's exhausting job to do, Beside looking into BL...
  3. TheCherry

    Can I purchase expired domains with traffic and do 301 redirect to my own website?

    Hey, I hope I am using the right sub-forum for my question. Can I purchase expired domains with traffic and do 301 redirect to my own website? It's legit way to receive more traffic in my website? Thanks,
  4. T

    Expired Domains Buyers and Sellers! What's your point of view on this?

    A .in domain has reached pending delete stage. It was used to be a govt website. Will you consider backordering or buying this domain and reselling it? And if yes at what price will you consider this to be a value for money domain. Metrics: Backlinks: 319 (85 percent do follow) Referring...
  5. renelavan

    What to do with a $37085 domain?? (worth of web value)

    Last year I bought an expired domain that when I check the value on worthofweb it says its value is $37085 What would you do with it??
  6. T

    Why should i buy expired domain?

    Hello guys...i have some plans ..but not sure how to do it. Can you please help? 1. I will buy some high DA PA niche based expired domain (i know about other factors like checking BL and etc) then i will create a new blog under that domain to rank it faster. And i will advertise my own business...

    Any success with dynadot backorders?

    how about their service guys.. they charge $25 for service and they are cheaper but i want to know is the success rate> any experience?
  8. B

    Expired domain only matter with back links?

    So here is my questions do expired domains only matter if there are back links? Does age alone affect anything? So I found a domain that goes good with my niche it’s 6 years old but with no back links is there any point in buying? Will the age alone help with ranking?
  9. MrOusho

    Content Fish

    The ownership of this thread has been transferred to another user. For further information on the transfer please visit https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/content-fish.1285308/page-4#post-14240716 DD - 14th April 2021 Disclaimer: For transparency reasons, @MrOusho, @AlekhyaDas, @mylastvacation...
  10. SEOscrapy

    [Giveaway] Get this mixed expired domain list (BHW Exclusive)

    I just compiled a list of +90 expired domains to propose them to the community :) some are pretty decent domains and with a bit of work can be a great addition to a new website/PBN (Especially if you are needing something free). ***** Domain // Authority Score // Backlinks(semrush) *****...
  11. J

    Expired Content and Domain Expert Needed

    Hello BHW, We are looking for talented and content marketing savvy individuals to help us with a couple of our blogs. Its been a challenge to say the least to find people that are able do this but we are hoping to find someone on here can help us. :) We operate a couple adult oriented drop ship...
  12. D

    [FREE] Expired domains

    I've been crawling the web for about a month now, collected over 400,000 expired domains. Stats will be in the range of 5-20 Domain Authority 5-20 Page Authority 10+ links All domains are .com, .net, .org, .co or .co.uk comment for a random domain, you can choose a category if you want a...
  13. R

    Buying Expired Domains

    When buying an expired domain does it have to be in the same industry or can it be from a different one if I cant find it from the same industry? I cannot seem to find any decent expired domain at a reasonable price. Anyone would mind sharing websites where they have bought a good expired...
  14. D

    How To Check Expired Domain History / Health ?

    Alright, Im setting up a website and I've opted to use a expired domain instead of a brand new one. I've shortlisted 5 relevant domains 7 - 16 years old, with my keyword present in each of them. My question is, How do i check the quality of the expired domain? and what is the key data do i...
  15. Mirkogiovannetti

    Expired Domain

    Dear I need the opinion from an expired domain expert. So let me explain: I found a domain with good metrics and excellent backlinks, but all the backlinks are of a different niche than the niche for which I will have to build the site. I will have to create an ecommerce but the domain has...
  16. Meerakat

    How do you guys find expired web2.0?

    I have heard about the Google trick, but do you guys really rely on it? I am currently in the process of developing an expired web2.0 scraper and I need some suggestions on how to actually make it stable and reliable. Is Google the only source of finding an expired web2.0 like tumblr, blogspot...
  17. Excalibur123

    Index Backlinks from 301 Redirect

    Hey guys, how do you index the Backlinks of an Auction/Expired Domain when redirecting it to your Moneysite? Do you use Scrapebox rapid indexer? GSC? or something completely different?
  18. Surgation

    Free Expired Domain Names

    Hi all, Scraped all night long. Here is a list of 3700+ expired domain names, ranked with their Ahrefs rank and Domain Authority ranking. I posted this before, without filters. This time it's filtered into the following: Domain Rating Ahrefs Rank Domain Authority Page Authority Moz Rank Trust...
  19. schttrj

    Adult Expired Domain Copyright Question

    Is buying a domain name with the name of a porn celebrity risky? Or, since they use pseudonyms in that industry, it is harmless. Please advise.
  20. schttrj

    What does numbered sub-domain type anchor text mean?

    I have seen in many expired/expiring domains, there are anchor texts in this particular format: xxxxxxx.[space]domain.tld, where "xxxxxxx" is any random number. What does it mean?
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