expired tumbler account

  1. don7777

    [FREE] PA 50+ Expired Tumblr Domains

    All of these domains are available right NOW!!! Grab before someone else does. ;) Enjoy! URL MozPA http://createdawesomely.tumblr.com 64 http://fungusamongusblog.tumblr.com 64 http://feelincolours.tumblr.com 63 http://rx-cristobal.tumblr.com 61 http://mi-alma.tumblr.com 61...
  2. R

    {Help} Expired Tumblr Index or Not

    Hi everyone, around 15 days ago i scrape 20 expired tumblr account with good PA and i check already indexed or not spam anchor text, link profile, archive.org (wayback machine) and when i found clean subdomain then I register with unique email id. after that i add some article with my MS link...
  3. Javicuse

    Expired Tumblr - Method to Keep or Increase PA

    Anyone of us who used expired tumblr accounts, faced a drop in PA after a while. This is natural, as most of the backlinks to tumblr profile come from reblogs and likes (links created on posts by reblogging and liking posts), and these get deleted after the profile has expired. So, a simple way...
  4. R

    I need help. After Find Expired Tumbler.

    Hey everyone, i want to know after find expired tumbler how i link back to my site. means how i login in other tumbler account without login credentials. thanks in advance.