1. Bozuyuk

    What are your thoughts about the stock market?

    how do you evaluate your investments, what do you think about the stock market?
  2. N

    currency exchange

    I have a case where I would need to transfer large amount from CNY to VND, where could I find the best source to exchange rate? which method are commonly used?
  3. J

    Trustpilot or similar site review exchange for free anywhere?

    Hi, I've seen many facebook, youtube like exchanges on the internet. But is there any reliable review exchange service (for free) for Trustpilot or other review site? I write a 5 star rating review for you, you write a 5 star rating for me. Such kind of service anywhere?
  4. Alexbor

    Current state of affairs in the adult / mainstream, gray vertical.

    Good day! I would like to hear your opinion on the current state of affairs in the adult / mainstream, gray vertical. For example: - Something from personal experience - Where/how do you look for advertisers and new offers - What media resources, instant messengers, groups, etc. use Actually...

    Is there a way to exchange auto-surfing with manual visits?

    Hello you guys. I need a way to exchange auto-surfing credits with manual visits to my offer/website/Social Media. Have you in mind a website that offers just that? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. D

    I am looking for a developer / coder / designer for a cryptocurrency exchange platform / We also buy finished pages

    Hello BHW Forum! I have been working in this field for a long time and am looking for a developer / coder / designer for a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is about coding the platform. The developer is free to build the site in wordpress and code the actual exchange feature himself or to...
  7. speedie

    Service Exchange Thread

    Just thinking it would be nice to have a Thread that allows trade-by-barter agreements so that a buyer (who must be a JR VIP with a sales thread) can pay for another service (owned by another Jr VIP) with the buyer's service (not with money). The type of services that are allowed to be...
  8. tazarbm

    where can I buy crypto with real money, 100% anonymously?

    Hi, I am trying to buy 100 euros worth of crypto to dip my toes into this quicksand thing called crypto but I'm going through the list of exchanges that everyone and their sibling recommends and I feel my blood boiling (like, literally) because each and every single one of these exchanges...
  9. M

    How many reciprocal links to the same page is too many?

    Hi, A website in my niche suggested a link echange. I want to have them link to one of my pages, but that page already has a reciprocal backlink from another website. If I get 2 backlinks pointing to the same page and both come from reciprocal link exchanges, is that a red flag for Google...
  10. tazarbm

    I don't get it...

    Been watching videos on how this whole cryptocurrency thing works for 6 hours straight, and my head is spinning. I am literally having headaches as I type this and I'm gonna take a rest, but I need to get these questions out there before I collapse and forget about them... So, after watching...
  11. W

    $100 for less than an hours work for someone who understands crypto processes well

    I f'd up and sent around $500 worth of BUSD-BD1 from Binance to Crypto dot com accounts. Turns out "you've deposited BUSD-BD1 isn't supported on the app" Anyone who can help me recover this? Willing to pay $100US ( BTC or whatever crypto or Paypal) to 1st person who can get it back...
  12. L

    Traffic Exchanges

    Hello not sure if this is the right category but anyhow, I’ve been using hitleaps,Ottohits and linkspy all together to direct traffic to all sorts of link shorteners and this website as well I know I’m sending hits to these websites and it should be working but none of the...
  13. BlackSugarz

    Do I need to Exchange all my $ to Turkish lira ?

    hello I want to transfer my $ to Turkish lira I found out it got from 8.5 to 7.8 last month do I need to transfer it now ? or wait ?
  14. A

    Is there a legit way to Transfer Paxum Money to (PP, BTC or other)

    I got some money left over in my paxum account, and I want to transfer them to paypal or btc (or another currency). Do you guys know any legit service? I searched a few and seems that most are scams.
  15. SonOfJat

    Cashapp to Paypal Exchange

    Hi all, I need this exchange service, I couldn't find much on google. So wanted to ask you all. Let me know if anyone have any experience exchanging cashapp money with paypal without SCAMS.. any website or any individual references who provide such service? I need it for long term.
  16. A

    [EXCHANGE] Fiverr reviews

    Hi all, I'm looking for reviews on my Fiverr gig. Anyone interested in reviews exchange PM me. Thank you'all.
  17. smk0090

    Anyone up for Video testimonial exchange?

    Guys from all fields are welcome
  18. speedie

    [Exchange] Instagram Shout Out for Guest Post

    Hey guys, Let's exchange shout out for Guest post if you're interested. I can post your article on a resourceful blog for free. You just have to shout out my post on your Instagram page and story. Your Instagram page must have at least 10k followers. I post your content immediately, between 15...
  19. p3d

    Receving NGN in my payoneer account

    Hello guys. Does any1 knows if it is possible to receive NGN to your payoneer account? If yes, is there any fees? Also what is the exchange rate? I have written to payoneer support, but they take days answering. Hope someone can help me out here
  20. bitcoin32

    What exchange cryptocurrencies on github repository is the best ?

    i wont to have my own ecxhange what should i chose ?
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