1. J

    Beware of these scammers - @wpoppin

    This is about a scammer who may create a new account using a new name, different email address, and another IP address, etc. He’d return to try to scam other potential victims. Please watch out. I wanted to promote an online petition over third party. A random user by the name of 'INV...
  2. U

    Wordpress vs Custom script for a eCommerce site

    Wordpress is a big monster, so many themes, so many plugins, so many attack vectors, you could get hacked and not even notice it. So what do you guys think about a simple PHP script (or a couple) to start selling stuff on my website? Thanks for answering!
  3. E

    Freelancer Needed to Increase-Viewers cost-effectively

    Hi, I have 2 Semi-Successful Websites .... hxxp://Christlike (dot) Be [Which is My Charity Site ....] & hxxp://Youtube (dot) com/ChristlikeBe [Which is Where I "Expose" top-secrets & Do Stand Up Comedy ....] However, it's "revealing" Top Secrets which leads to Me being "banned," eg On...
  4. A

    The Best Captcha Tool 2017

    Since Xevil has support many captcha service emulator , it has become the best captcha tool . today i will show how to make xevil work with any program like GSA , ranker , scrapebox and ubotstudio ...... this is my video , and my english is not good , sorry about that
  5. O

    PL/SQL programmer

    I've got a normal job. Now I'm working on building that elusive PASSIVE INCOME that everyone needs to retire young. I'm here to find and share ideas with all you other evil geniuses. :scool:
  6. F

    I'm new, Enlighten me.

    I'm new to black hat world. added my first tool a few days ago. now I want something back. tell me what are the must try out tools for free likes, tumblrs posts and whathaveya, I already know linkcollider. Give me more like link collider. or any other tool to inflate my backlinks or social...
  7. E

    Use bad BlackHat SEO to hurt competition?

    Do you think its possible to hurt a competitor website by using cheap black hat SEO techniques? For example: - Buy a lot of cheap spammy backlinks from websites like fiverrr. - Buy cheap bot traffic to get him banned from the ad network he is using. Do you think it is possible to do? How much...
  8. darkmobius

    Oops I did it again, the new evil Britney Spears

    Damn I couldn't log in for weeks again lol But i'm finally back I think this one turns out ok, this time I played with more masking and displacement mapping. Not sure if I should make her skin even darker.... Hope you guys like this one
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