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  1. MikeX93

    Sell Digital Downloads as a Graphic Designer on Etsy - Full Course with E-Book - Done by a 6 Figure Seller

    Hey there! I'm Mike from ECOM BIRD. I just made a video variant of my E-Book and turned it into a course for those who aren't able to do everything with just an E-Book. So if you're a graphics designer and you if you want to get started selling Designs or Fonts on Etsy, this is a great guide...
  2. MikeX93

    Etsy - Digital Downloads Mastery - Learn How to Sell Designs & More on Etsy as a Graphics Designer - Complete Guide

    Hey there! My name is Mike from Ecom Bird. I decided to release an E-Book for those who want to sell Digital Downloads as well, as this is an amazing opportunity for designers, so here it is! :) The link for the EBOOK can be found HERE Price: $14.95 PURCHASE HERE PAYMENT OPTIONS: PAYPAL...
  3. MikeX93

    Kinda new here, got some questions

    Heya! I've been a member of this forum for a few years but I've been barely active. I'm mainly doing ecommerce right now on Etsy and after having an unlucky journey in crypto, I lost around $20k (had a peak of $270k but shit happened and I ended up with nothing). I think I can provide...
  4. D

    Is anyone using ETSY GEEKS for ranking on Etsy?

    Hello bros of BHW, I know ERANK and probably all of the users who sell on Etsy know it, but recently searching online to boost SEO Etsy rankings, I saw a platform from some guys who struggled to make sales on Etsy and now are called ETSY GEEKS. They claim to rank your listing on 1 page for 14...
  5. D

    Etsy (Country not eligible to open store) Solutions?

    Hello, I am from Kosovo and I am trying to open an Etsy store for my online business. My country is not listed there and so I can't open the store without linking my bank accounts. When I try to fill the IBAN number it shows an error, even though the IBAN number is correctly, it still doesn't...
  6. Hope Miner

    Etsy POD, is it worth the time and effort starting new shop?

    I would like to hear from experienced Etsy sellers. I kinda need some confirmations that I can make it with POD on Etsy. I'll appreciate your honest opinions and suggestions. Thank you!
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