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Jan 18, 2022
Hello, I am from Kosovo and I am trying to open an Etsy store for my online business. My country is not listed there and so I can't open the store without linking my bank accounts.
When I try to fill the IBAN number it shows an error, even though the IBAN number is correctly, it still doesn't let me open the store.

I also contacted ETSY SUPPORT, and they said that opening an Etsy store is only for countries that can use Etsy payments.

Have any of you solved this problem?
Register an offshore company and use those details to open the etsy store.
PS. I've not done this myself but in most cases this is the only workaround. Wait for more replies.
Etsy now accepting sellers from few countries whereetsy payments available you can create shop on there
other currently not possible to receive payment without etsy payments
many ldoing verified new etsy seller account under your listing so you feel comfortable.
Hope its helps to you
You can buy profiles to register, or buy directly from someone else。I'm actually selling ETSY Stealth Account accounts
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