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  1. PartnersBay

    ETSY Stealth Account Making Guide [Works right now]: Secret and completely legal guide to create unlimited Etsy Seller Accounts in 2022

    Hello BHW community! My name is Kevin from EcomWolfs, nice to meet all of you! :) We've spent the last months compiling all of our knowledge in making Etsy stealth accounts. And now, finally, its released for BHW members exclusively! Link to product is HERE (or you can click on our thread...
  2. D

    Is anyone using ETSY GEEKS for ranking on Etsy?

    Hello bros of BHW, I know ERANK and probably all of the users who sell on Etsy know it, but recently searching online to boost SEO Etsy rankings, I saw a platform from some guys who struggled to make sales on Etsy and now are called ETSY GEEKS. They claim to rank your listing on 1 page for 14...
  3. D

    Etsy (Country not eligible to open store) Solutions?

    Hello, I am from Kosovo and I am trying to open an Etsy store for my online business. My country is not listed there and so I can't open the store without linking my bank accounts. When I try to fill the IBAN number it shows an error, even though the IBAN number is correctly, it still doesn't...
  4. Niksyan

    My Journey. Asking for Advice and Guidance. [LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES]

    Hello everyone BHW community. I’m writing this asking for guidance and advice from anyone who is involved in the online world, especially those of you who have a lot of experience. To give you context, this is my story: It all started during my last year of high school back in late 2015...
  5. Hope Miner

    Etsy POD, is it worth the time and effort starting new shop?

    I would like to hear from experienced Etsy sellers. I kinda need some confirmations that I can make it with POD on Etsy. I'll appreciate your honest opinions and suggestions. Thank you!
  6. Z

    Etsy Account

    I used my etsy account using my passport, uk limited company documents and it was suspended after one year due to policy violation. I am planning to create a new account. Definitely I am going to use new login information, a new company, new address, a different device, and a different browser...
  7. ItsMeFox

    ** Selling Etsy Aged Accounts 5+ Years **

    I am selling aged Etsy Accounts 5+ Years Etsy accounts may have done a few purchases or don't have at all but you will be able to see when its created The Price 25$ Per Aged Etsy Account - All accounts are guaranteed for 3 days until login. If the account has been banned before logging in...
  8. 711

    Etsy stealth account Method?

    I wanna Create Etsy stealth account (with fake information), Any ideas on how to receive money, in a bank account with the fake name I used in etsy shop.
  9. zeriuk

    ETSY: Valid & Fresh Accounts For Sale - Get back to selling on Etsy!

    Hello Everyone! I am happy to offer Etsy account services on this forum. Currently there’s so much confusion and discussions on Etsy stealth. And after seeing so many people struggle with getting back to selling on Etsy - I’ve decided to help. Thank you Blackhatworld for this opportunity...
  10. solomontheverysane

    buying reviews/sales for ETSY on 2 stores

    anyone providing the title's services? And can you walk me through how to do it, like do I have to make a new listing for the reviewer?? I want 2 reviews on both stores (4 total). and anyone got booster tips???
  11. E

    Etsy dropshipping from Aliexpress

    Hello everyone, I am a man from Lithuania working with etsy for about 3 years. I am looking for people who is going the same way - dropshipping on Etsy from Aliexpress. I have a lot of expierence on selling, creating stealth accounts, removing money holds, etc. But I feel that I need some more...
  12. solomontheverysane

    how do you get your etsy store unbanned?

    My Etsy store was suspended due to the belief that my items arn't handmade items, I eventually got it unbanned by providing false evidence that it is handmade (its not). 2 days later I was suspended again with no email regarding why this time, does anyone have any tips and tricks to get there...
  13. solomontheverysane

    anyone know anyone that works at etsy that can get my store unbanned $$

    ayo checkit yea, my wicked store yea, she got suspended. And I heard a little birdy saying that some Etsy support employees use these forum or wat not innit. anyone got there name or anyone able to unban me $$ aight wicked, westside im out boo yaka sha
  14. J

    i am in need of some stable Etsy seller account

    Hi, guys, my etsy seller account was deactived by Etsy, now i am naked. Wondering is there any friend here happenedly have some free seller account available for sell. Pls PM me Thank you so much
  15. T

    I need help for making money online on Etsy and Ebay

    Hello everyone!! I am a new member, now I want to make money through etsy and ebay channels. I wonder if anyone can share the knowledge and tips and tricks for creating accounts on these 2 platforms?! Thank you very much everyone and look forward to helping you!! <3
  16. Arpan Mondal

    How to create Etsy account after suspension?

    First of all, I am extremely sorry if I am posting to the wrong category. I created an Etsy account 2 months ago. Everything was going great. I was selling canva templets in my store. Also got 22 orders in just 1 weak. But next month I used my friend's card to pay the Etsy bills. After 1 day my...
  17. Stef_thehard

    Puzzle about proxies on ETSY

    Is residential IP blocked? I will get suspended when I use residential IP,but some of my account applyed by datacenter IP is stay open. It doesn't make sense. How about 4G ip?
  18. B

    I’ve tried to open an Etsy stealth account with all new info but was suspended anyway

    I’ve tried to open a stealth account on Etsy new Australian id new bank account ,only login from pc or phone with duck duck go because with nord vpn doesn’t work ,but was suspended anyway why?after only 3 days I opened ,so I was thinking if someone can help me open a new one I have new document...
  19. B

    I need ASAP someone who teach/create me an Etsy stealth account

    Please I need someone who teach me/create for me a Etsy stealth account as fast as possible ,I got suspended many times after made a lot of money so I need a new stealth account
  20. PandaDaddy

    WTB Etsy Reviews $10 per reivew

    Hi All, looking to purchase some etsy reviews for our new shop. Item cost will be refunded immediately. $10 payment will be sent once review is posted. Looking for, Aged etsy accounts with at least 1 purchase history. Global accounts ok. Review to be posted two weeks after purchase (will send...