etsy advice

  1. Lam Wing Yan

    etsy begins full implementation of facial recognition

    This year Etsy started to implement $15 and face recognition, so the probability of risk control should be reduced. Maybe yes,what do you think?
  2. Lam Wing Yan

    I need to buy an ETSY account or teach me how to do it. I am willing to pay for this.

    I am a handicraft worker, but my country is not authorized on ETSY, so is there any other way for me to sell products on ETSY? I need your help, thank you very much
  3. B

    Opening etsy account

    Has anyone a working method to open an etsy stealh account once your account is closed? Or has anyone experience with buying one from fiverr that works?
  4. S

    Making a new Etsy account with changed name?

    Hello! Long story short, I had a Etsy shop for more than 7 years that was suspended few years ago (9k sales, 600+ reviews). Yes, it was because of trademark/copyright claims, but even if I removed listings, sent apology letters and resolved and reverted most of the claims, Etsy still didn't want...
  5. drums

    Sell digital products on Etsy

    Hello, my Etsy adventure was always short-lived. Because I was trying to do dropshipping. I'm now considering selling digital products with a new etsy account instead. But many products are already sold. How can I compete? I wanted to do some brainstorming. I'm curious about your valuable ideas...
  6. Imperatorr

    Ask me anything about Etsy

    Hi, I've been selling on Etsy for about 5 years and I'm happy to help BHW users. I see a lot of threads with questions about Etsy and in this thread I will try to answer as many questions as I can. Thank you Have a good day
  7. genito

    How exactly I should add digital art files to etsy

    Hi, I have some 2400x2400px images that I wanna list for sale on etsy, I'm confused at the image sizing and file format part. Currently I have my images on jpg, 4 sizes for each image (that I upscaled) at: 2400x2400px, 4800x4800px and so on... until 12000x12000px, but I see some sellers are...
  8. panfik

    What happens is Etsy finds you used a fake ID?

    Do they just ban you or do they actually report it to the police or something?
  9. O

    what's the max number of Listing in a day in my store at Etsy

    Hello , i just opned a new store in etsy, i'm wondring how many products i could list in a day in my store and not getting suspended. two of my accounts already suspended that's why i'm asking. Thanks.
  10. jackadnane

    Etsy suspend digital products

    Hello guys please if you have any idea about how i can sell digital products in Etsy without suspend
  11. Mauroz3fire

    Sell on Etsy or start my own store?

    Hi guys, I already got a very good niche idea that I plan to run, but my question is if I should start on Etsy or Run my Own Store? I know both have pros and cons... I like Etsy platform but I'm afraid of them closing my store for any Reason Running my own store with my own website will give...
  12. A

    Etsy account

    Is there any way i can start selling on Etsy again i have been banned several times and i just gave up tried buy account, creating a new one and still the same out come once i make a sale i get banned again btw i used sell SVGs and illustrations everything legal. Is there any solution to this...
  13. Mauroz3fire

    Ideas to start an Etsy Business?

    Hi guys, Etsy business model just caught my attention and I would like to hear some advices from experienced people to be successful in this business model, thanks in advance
  14. AngelTamanna


    Hello buddies I want to ask about how i can find Esty products that should be lower competitions and demanding products if you have idea how I can find then please suggest me Thanks:)
  15. R

    Wise and etsy

    Hi! Need help from regular users. I heard that Wise - does not accept mismatched deposits in all cases Has anyone experienced this in practice? I have a store for a woman, and you for a man. obviously the names are different. If I add the bank data of the Vise account to Etsy, will the...
  16. S

    Etsy overdue balance

    Hey guys! I need your advice. My Etsy shop was suspended because of ip violation. My credit card attached is expired. So they can’t take money from credit card or Etsy payment account (no balance). I used my real name and bank information. i used the FedEx tracking from tracktaco to get my...
  17. mohdqasim

    I've recently got my Etsy account suspended

    Hi, I've recently got my Etsy account suspended, so i was wondering if it is possible to create another account these days like a (stealth account)? I know no one will share their method of successfully creating Etsy acc so i am not asking for your method, however, if anyone wants to share it...
  18. RichMoney

    Dropshipping from Etsy to my ecommerce shop?

    Question is self explanatory. Has anyone tried this? How do you make it work? I see Etsy does allow you to add multiple addresses but has anyone who tried this had any issues with this. Account getting restricted because of this?
  19. carewebsoft

    Ask Me Anything About Etsy Seller Account,Rank,Tips,Advice

    Good Day, I will try my best to help my BHW friends to get sales in Etsy recently many asking Not getting sales/looking for advice for their seller store also not getting seller store for sales in Etsy i will try to answer all of the question till my small knowledge -Etsy Seller Store -Rank &...
  20. mohdqasim

    What to do if a competitor on etsy keep reporting others listings?

    How to get rid of someone who keeps reporting others' listing "POD designs", Etsy deactivates those listings because of that, i know his store on Etsy and out of Etsy (shopify store), is there any way to get rid of this annoying person?
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