1. Nw_Work

    Good time to grab some crypto don't you think??

    Almost all crypto coins have fallen by almost 20-30% from it's peak values. Looks like one of the largest drop's in price during a short period of day's as per historical data would even go as to call it a crypto market crash. This seems to be an ideal time to grab stable and established coins...
  2. Stewielenor

    If you had the hardware would you start your own mining pool or join a larger one?

    If you had the hardware would you start your own mining pool or join a larger one?
  3. devinda

    have any ETH mining Server?

    Dear Im Looking For ETH mining Server With GPU do u know where is the place? Thank You
  4. C45HC0W

    what happens if you chose a too small gas price for a eth transaction?

    So I wanted to stack my eth and therefore switched it into stETH using coinwallet. however I chose the smalles gas fee possible(which was suggested by coinwallet) which was 22 Gwei. Now it has been 25h+ but my transaction is still pending. Will this transaction be executed at all?
  5. alurosu

    VISA Completes First Cryptocurrency Transaction on Ethereum

    We're in the end game now. Sauce:
  6. Dubzaz

    Who's holding Nano coin?

    Just wondering if there are people here, who are buying or already owning Nano? #instant #feeless #green blahblahblah It's still pretty small but going up in price. Theoretically it's not worse than bitcoin, so maybe something bright could happen in the future :anyway:
  7. bestspinner

    Bitcoin down 40%

    i read somewhere that bitcoin could down to 40% around 25k, what you think?
  8. beastkay

    BTC and ETH, Do we have just these two which can make good money?

    BTC and ETH, Do we have just these two which can make good money? Or It's the alt season where the real money is made?
  9. alurosu

    Anyone here plan on Staking ETH on 2.0 release?

    As some of you might know already, ETH 2.0 is the next step in the Ethereum ecosystem. It will move from PoW (proof of work) to PoS (proof of stake). More details here: Phase 0 is set to launch late September or early October this year. Do you guys plan to stake in...
  10. CryptoHuff

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

    In this thread I will update some of the latest news in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.
  11. A

    Torque, a low-risk crypto arbitrage trading platform

    Hi long time lurker first-time poster, I just want to introduce you guys to something that started from where I'm from, Southeast Asia. It basically takes your BTC/ETH/USDT/LTC to trade on Binance, Kucoin, Poloneix, and other platforms with its own AI arbitrage system. I wanted to know how many...
  12. CryptoHuff

    Is there a Cryptocurrency related board on this forum?

    I am into cryptocurrency and have been in it for around 7 years (on and off periods) and I would like to know if there is a board dedicated for it on this forum. It is quite a big one too these days.
  13. R698

    Online Excnager - Is it still actual in 2020?

    Hello, During the last months, I've seen a lot of Online Exchangers. Guys are selling Crypto and buying money from other wallets and vice versa. Buy PP and sell BTC, etc. What do you think about it? It's a good way to earn some money online, I guess. What's your opinion? Thank you!
  14. AWS4SELL

    What do you predict the price of Ethereum will be in 2019 ?

    I would like to know which are your predictions about the Eth value in the first of next year !:devil:
  15. K

    30 Days Challenge With Crypto Investment = from 300$ to 10,000K

    Hi I decided to share here my 30 days challenge with crypto investments. First of all, let me explain why crypto investment??? Well, the answer is really simple: - You don't need to have email list - You don't need to have website - You don't need to have products - You don't need to have...
  16. A

    Which coin mining is profitable at this time?

    Eth price gone down, and difficulty level increasing. I am mining ether, very little revenue coming at this stage. Will I wait for increasing eth price? or any other more profitable coin exist for mining. Thank You.
  17. blazingprofits

    Real-Time ETH Dividend Forever? Joke or Gem?

    The recent bloodbath made me and many people realize not everyday is sunday and that we should explore whatever out there that is profitable to make up for days like this. Though other than traditional mining/staking/MN and trading, that's pretty much all there is i know that one can do, to...
  18. B

    My Journey to riches. - Crypto Affiliate Website -

    Hello fellow blackhatters. Been a long time lurker here, had an account about 5 years ago, but lost access to the email. Quit IM after venturing into other stuff. Now I see an opportunity I just have to try out. This journey is made to help others and receive feedback. And second its easier...
  19. DunDidIt2X

    Cindicator-Undervalued-Close to taking off!?!?!?! I believe so!!!

    Seems like a perfect, ripe time to pick up CND. 1) Market Cap Looks Ripe 2) Circulating Supply is about to reach total Supply 3) Nice volume 4) Its actually a pretty bad ass application for people just like us. Downside: Their video on their website is pretty cheezy Check it out...
  20. G

    Hiring a Eth miner

    Hiring a Eth miner is a good idea? I want to try mining but i don't have much money for miner