email scraping

  1. NeoPredator

    How i grew my instagram from 0-300k in less than 2 years organically and made over 1.4 million dollars

    For those that dont know, instagram is a super powerful tool to make money, if its done correctly. All you need is great branding that makes you stand out, and gives you credibility, email service that allows you to send millions of emails, and have millions of emails bought or scraped. In...
  2. NeoPredator

    Bought over 140 Million of Instagram emails Caution

    Recently, I invested over 13k in acquiring lists from Instagram, some from people in Mpsocial, and some from Blackhatworld. Here’s what I learned: Before buying, make sure to ask for samples, including a loom video showing at least 30 files where the seller opens them one by one to ensure their...
  3. trendz4

    Need help regarding Instagram Profile scraping

    Hey y'all Way 1: As you all know Exemailextractor, Profilebud etc are down so if any of you can recommend any working service, it'd be much appreciated. Way 2: If i go with IG extractor chrome extension so imma be needing Bulk IG accounts cuz the instagram's API suspend the account in some...
  4. balaklava

    Looking to have 50k + emails a day scraped

    We're looking to have 50k+ emails a day extracted from websites/google and some other sources. Shoot me a message if you've got the set up to do this so we can discuss pricing.
  5. K

    Scrape Emails from Behance

    Hello, I'm looking to scrape emails from - Niche: Graphic Design - Target: 1M-10M Emails If you're interested PM me.
  6. NeoPredator

    0 to 350k Instagram Followers organically with Cold Emailing

    How I Grew My Ecom Brand's Instagram Page from 0 to 350k Followers with Cold Emailing I run an e-commerce brand that specializes in fitness. I want to share with you how I was able to grow my Instagram page from zero to 350,000 followers in just a few months using a technique that many might...
  7. NeoPredator

    How I Generated Multiple 7 Figures with an Influencer Marketing Funnel for My Fitness Brand

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share a strategy that has helped me generate multiple 7 figures for my fitness brand through influencer marketing. This strategy involves using a funnel to contact Instagram influencers and offer them a free product in exchange for promoting my brand to their...
  8. fluxas

    Discover YouTube / Instagram Profiles And Extract Their Contact Information Prospety provides features that enable the discovery and data extraction of social media profiles. Search for YouTube and Instagram profiles by specifying various criteria, import your profile lists, extract follower information or find similar profiles by providing...
  9. leadsplanet

    Linkedin email scraper l cold email sending l affiliate email marketing l lead generation Support: Website chat support is available from 10am to 5pm CET, from Monday to Friday. Please allow us up to 24 hours if your request is technical. Refund 100% refund in case of a system malfunction caused a problem Bonus Leave us a review...
  10. E

    IG \ Social Media Email Scraper Needed

    I'm currently testing a few email lists from a few providers would love to get some quotes from email scrapers per 1000 emails plus the software you're using to scrape. PM me or send me your Telegram Thanks!
  11. AllyBarns

    Millions of untargeted emails - any use?

    A few years ago, I scraped a few millions emails, I was learning to scrape at that time. These are just emails without names or any other additional information. Is there any thing I can do with that, or its just garbage?
  12. Kysco

    [Task] Scrape Emails from Publicly Available US Licensing Registry

    I operate a local service area business in San Antonio, Texas. My business caters to real estate agents in the surrounding area, and I would like to give email marketing a try. Fortunately, real estate is a regulated business in the US, so all the realtors have to provide the state licensing...
  13. neverlackin360

    Socinator email scraper + AB Bulk mailer + 50 Gmail accounts

    whats the best way to monitize? I can scrape specific instgram hashtags and followers of a certain brand or individual.... cpa? clickbank? let me know anyone who helps me with really good info will receive all the tools mentioned above free
  14. KittyTheArchitect

    LinkedIn Email List | Email Extracting Scraping for LinkedIn [HAF]

    Hi I require an email list according to title and location. Not sure how many emails can be found specific to this criteria - happy to pay depending on the size of the list. Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.
  15. Intexam

    How to collect/scrape emails of YouTube channels?

    Currently I can check 5-6 emails of YouTube channels in a day. Is there a way to collect 100-500 emails based on specific criteria?
  16. I

    Email scraping tools/software

    I have a couple of questions regarding email marketing What are the best email scraping tools out there? Once you have gathered a list of company emails do you use a validation tool? if yes which one is best ? I'm looking to scrape companies that show up on google.
  17. Ismael Rahman

    Scraping Competitors (NEWBIE)

    Hi everyone, please forgive the 'newbiness', I literally just found out I could scrape my competitors to collect emails, I could use to market, and have been going through this amazing forum for a few hours. I wanted to ask if it would be possible to scrape, FB and IG, Groups and accounts for...
  18. rickstar

    Looking For Captcha Breaking YouTube Email Bot

    Using other methods I have already harvested 50-100K targeted YouTube channel URLs and I've managed to scrape everything off the channel pages already. I'm just looking for a simpler bot that can visit each of these individual URLs => connect with a captcha breaking service and retrieve the...
  19. J

    New to BHW looking for help with large email marketing campaigns.

    Hello, nice to meet everyone! I have been looking around BHW for the last few months and finally decided to open an account. I am internet marketer and am on here to help others with any value I can provide and am looking to build a strong outbound email campaign. My goal is to acquire millions...
  20. Steven Cutting

    Instaprimed down - Any other IG Email Scrapers???

    Hi, Instaprimed is no longer working after some new Instagram scraping update. Does anyone know of a tool that works to scrape emails, phone numbers and other data from Instagram? Or does anyone plan to build a working not for this? Many thanks
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