email marketing expert

  1. E

    How to decrypt MD5 Email Suppressed List?

    I have acquired targeted emails from one of my source, who works in a good company but the problem is all the emails are MD5 encrypted, can you please give me any suggestion on how to decrypt those emails?
  2. M

    How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

    Email marketing campaigns are the profit-driving tool. Is their any email marketing strategy to run successful emails.
  3. E


    Hi there, hope this is the right section! im new to IM and i started with Emaling cpa offers to a purchased data the result was modest but it seems that its powerful way to make money online i was sending emails via some smtp services like exchange but its so hard withoud any application to...
  4. S

    Looking for an email marketing mentor, and help building my internet marketing business.

    Im new to the email marketing game. And im super humble and ready to learn everything about it. I need a mentor, someone who has a large list, someone who can guide me to success with email marketing. In return, I am a master at Instagram marketing. And I help and consult with local small...
  5. W

    Need bulk email verify

    I need one program which can do bulk email verify i have already use GSA not very good. Does there have anyone who can help me.please skype kingciss Thanks
  6. R

    Email Marketing 101: Building & Managing Your Mailing List

    Okay here it is guys. I've been putting this together for about 3 days now and I think I included everything. Basically, you will be introduced to the world of email marketing, and then I will take you behind the curtains of our own EM strategy - lead generators, conversion rates...
  7. tomeritzcohen

    30 Million Emails List, Non-Targeted. What Would You Do?

    Hi guys, Hope you are doing well. Even though I'm not so active here, I learned a lot during the last 5 years and I would like to thank to all of the lovely forum members which their contribution helped me generate millions of dollars in the online internet marketing world, well done guys. I...
  8. F

    List building help needed: looking for experienced email list builder (compensation).

    Hello friends, I'm fairly new on here, I have read multiple posts on list building and I did have some experience with email marketing back in the day. I do have several clients who are ready to pay for a quality email list ads, so all I need to do is build a good email list and start plugging...
  9. V

    Email Marketing Specialist

    Hello, We need to have support with email sending and have all setup with dedicated server and interspire but the system needs to be maintained. Who can help us improve the delivery of the emails, clean up lists and give advice etc. We pay per hour.
  10. S

    Looking For Bulk Email Markter

    Hi, I m looking for freelancer who can help me in sending bulk email campaign. My requirements are listed below. 500K mail sending everyday 50K mails in an hour Please understand i m not interested in buying server nor intersphire setup I am ready to pay base on email credit...
  11. M

    Installing PowerMta and Interspire with 250 IPs .. need powerMTA expert

    We need someone that knows how to install the Interspire and setup a server with Power mta mail server, config it with dkim and spf and feedback loops. set the domain limits so we will not exceed per ip. We have a serer for the Interspire, one for the PowerMta server, and 252 available ips. we...
  12. A

    Looking For a Work From Home Mailing List.

    Need affiliates for a payday loan affiliate program. Would like to recruit affiliates. If you have a work from home mailing list, i would like to pay to send out a mailing.
  13. K

    Email markeitng service wanted

    Hi all! I am looking for a freelancers who can send 10K email per day for me. I have huge opt in and would like to send email every day. Please let me know the following ... 1. How I can track the results? 2. What is your monthly charge? 3. What is your way of working? 4. Where are...
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