email markeing

  1. W

    Which platform, or software, or tool should I use to do cold email marketing

    Hello I recently purchase a email list with 20000 costumers contacts from clothing niche in Europe. Which platform, or software, or tool should I use to do cold email marketing? The list obviously isn't optin. There is anything out there which I can use this contacts to make mass cold email...
  2. TheLovelyUnicron

    Most tolerant Email Service Providers for grey hat methods?

    Hey, I'm looking for ESPs (email service providers) that tolerate grey hat methods (cold email campaigns, automation, grey mail) . From your experience which of the following ESPs best fits the description. SocketLabs SendGrid Postmark SparkPost Mailgun Mandrill
  3. Ketpar

    How can I monetize 100K email list of UK home owners

    I have 100K email list of homeowners of the UK. I would say that not more than 1% of emails are wrong as all emails are filled by themselves to get home improvement service. I also have their phone number too. Is there any way to monetize this email list? Any guide and help will be...
  4. dillywilly

    scraping emails on Instagram business accounts + aws email server? need your 2 cents here

    Hello i got an email from an agency promoting their instagram growth agency and it went into my inbox instead of spam ? (ill attach the pictures below ) can you help me understand how i can do this for my work? i see he has a random address at the footer and the email opt out page im just...
  5. Alexandr1997

    Im looking for a program for email marketing

    Hello, I have a big list of emails and I need to send a letter to every email. The letter should not go to spam folder. Any software recommendation for this task ?
  6. Wrath Of God

    Any suggestions for All in One Tool?

    Hi..... One of my clients wants all the below information to be tracked and monitored in one place. 1. Google, Facebook & Instagram ads 2. SEO ( keyword & organic traffic performance ) 3. Social Listening 4. Social media account engagements and organic growth 5. Email marketing 6. Google my...
  7. yShot

    Email marketing GUIDE

    Hello everyone, I'm new to email marketing, never had any experience with it before. Now that I need it in my business (for B2B prospecting), can you guys recomend any course that can help me at least get a wide understanding of email marketing, tools and everything related to it. Thank you...
  8. MrDigi

    Need help with Automation Email Sending - New on this Field

    Hello experts, I am new on email sending, And I wanna grow up my business. Want to collect leads and want to build connections with my customers. So thats why I am here to learn about automatic email sending! I will create three forms, I also want that each form will have different kind of...
  9. avc975

    Email Blasting

    Hello, Can anybody give me the solution for email blasting. I mean which server to use, what kind of SMTP should we use and anything that might help. I aim to send about 100K emails a day (non transactional). Any information would be highly appreciated. Thank You
  10. Omni Knoweth

    eMail Monetization Accounts ($1000 withdrawable inside)

    Buy eMail Monetization Accounts ($1000 Withdrawable inside) RECOVER YOUR INVESTMENT BACK WITHIN A MONTH OR 2 MONTHS MARCH 2022 VIDEO PROOF HIGHEST REVENUE IN A DAY Hello Fam, I wouldn't like to write much on this but straight to the selling point with some live proofs. When I first...
  11. A


    I need a gateway with a web dashboard that I can top up with bitcoin which would equate to account balance. Then use the balance to send out emails and hit inbox at a set rate (for example: 0.002/per email sent out...) or something where I can pay monthly and send up to a certain amount per day...
  12. uxdrug

    Email Marketing as a new category

    Hey Patrons, I feel adding a new category for Email Marketing will be a benefit. Why Everyone uses for Affiliate Marketing, selling products, getting traffic & sales automation. I've my own tons of knowledge I can share to get more sales. It's one of the most profitable channels. This...
  13. 4ry4n

    [Question] Is there a Scraper to find all e-mail accounts on a domain?

    Hi all, I was wondering, is there a program where I could give in the domains and get back a list of email accounts on does domains? This would be some magic for email marketing. Regards,
  14. D

    Main domain and cold email domain under the same Google Admin/Workspace

    I am reaching out to old leads from my marketing teams past marketing efforts. This lead gen was pre pandemic and under a different name to my company. We have been calling them up to get them to optin (only 3% say no, moved on bla bla) but it’s too time consuming and expensive. I am going...
  15. Shinichi Izumi

    Email Marketing - Blast 149,999 +1 Emails Absolutely Free

    This is for Email Marketing Dudes, if you don't have SMTP servers or struggling finding a cheap way to send emails, this is a list of sites that give a large number of honest and reliable sites that give on a monthly basis a significant number of the possibility of sending e-mail to market your...
  16. AmeliaLily

    Why people use Forwarding email its just for any ruffles?

    Some people are using nowdays at huge amounts of Forwarding email I dont understand what are the profit for this anyone can describe?
  17. M

    What is the best Email marketing method??

    Hi, I just want to know what is the best email marketing method # Want to send 100,000+ emails per day # Want to send all emails (at least 85% or 90%) directly to Gmail inbox without goes to spam folder what is the best desktop or web based system to fulfill these requirements??
  18. F

    How to Sell eCom Email List?

    Hey guys, new to this form as I am seeking some advice. I had an ecom store that has gathered over 100k emails in a specific niche. Mostly customers + abandon carts. Does anyone know a quick and easy way to sell a list like this?
  19. N

    Banned from MailChimp after 5 minutes of signing up. Alternative?

    Hi all, I want to create a $100 video course on how to make money with YouTube. I've been doing a solid $1000-2000 a month for the past 2 years and it's all on auto-pilot, so I thought of sharing the strategies and create an additional income source for myself. I signed up for MailChimp, created...
  20. arthuditu

    Guide / advice on how to warm up the email server?

    Does anyone have a tutorial or give someone advice on how to warm up the email server? Bet on wordpress? On your hosting server? How much should I send email per day to get to the sending level: 15,000-25,000 email per day.
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