1. TomTheCat

    If China falls...

    and this news is true, how markets will react? Just read about this in TradingView chat, and some news are popping up:
  2. Elvlin

    China economy crisis?

    For member from china, want to ask recently i read in china people cannot even take money from bank anymore? is it true there? or only limited to some city?
  3. TomTheCat

    1 United States Dollar equals 1,00 Swiss Franc

  4. dwad

    Making Money from MMOs

    Hello there, I've wanting to get into making profit from mmos for a long time. I know there are alot of ways to do this, botting economy manipulation and more. If anyone would be kind enough to share his strategies or any interesting detail that would be awesome. Also if a discord group in this...
  5. Ben Lebrau

    [Article] Is the gig culture cannibalising traditional employment?

    Hi BHW, I just finished writing an article about the gig culture in the UK. Feel free to copy it, use it, ammend it or whatever. I just wanted to get your thoughts on this whole trend. Would anyone go back to traditional employment? What are the benefits of the gig culture, do you see it...
  6. X

    Hey, everyone!

    I'm new here and english is not my first language. I would love to learn about making money online and some other tips.
  7. Q Crypto

    [FOOD FOR THOUGHT] Is Capital Investment taxed?

    Let's say an angel investor decides to invest in your startup. I'm curious about few things here: Is that investment taxed? If you would start a company with this investment, would that investment count as an income at the and of the year and get taxed? What happens with that investment if...
  8. darkrobe

    Virtual Reality/Economy With BitCoin?

    So I've been thinking for quite a while about this and I would love to get everyone's opinions on this. We all know currently there are WoW and other MMO farms where real people work for in game gold and sell it for real money. So people will pay real money for virtual currency. Why? Well...
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