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  1. Jabbz18

    Tips on doing eccommerce SEO when you have A LOT of products

    Hi all, Doing SEO currently on an eCommerce site and have managed to hit some decent keywords, the issue is it's a MASSIVE niche with Thousands of products. I've done bulk writing of meta titles and descriptions using tags to start with. However, in the long run, I need everything to be unique...
  2. T

    Understanding the Magic Behind Google’s “Price Drop” Rich Result for eCommerce SEO

    Brodie Clark investigates how Google shows the "price drop" information in rich results for some products pages. Seems like an interesting feature available for US people as of now but considering it's algorithmic you cannot control the feature Source...
  3. Fxgima

    {Q} E-Commerce Site SEO

    Hi everyone, I have a local E-commerce business and there are 1000+ products, all products are the same appearance like cakes ( Fathers day cake, Teacher's day cake, Kids Cake) How do I do SEO this site. Do I have to write different product content for each product? or Can I post the same...
  4. aldis

    [2020] CSEO ECOMMERCE SEO AGENCY ★ Only 7 Slots ★ Authority SEO for Online Stores

  5. Sweely

    Best product/category description length for SEO?

    I'm currently building out an eCommerce website for change and am about to outsource my content creation. I know it won't be possible to rank without content, so I'm planning on adding 200 words per product and about 300 words on the category pages. I read in another guide on BHW that a user...
  6. E


    Hi there, What is the importance of SSL for an ecommerce website? My question is in the context of SEO as well as development. Thanks in anticipation
  7. t2van

    Ecommerce: Product Content Writing Guide

    Not really shared a "guide" on here before but I know ecommerce get's asked a fair bit from when I was lurking. I had to write up a template / tutorial ready to start out sourcing my product content creation so I adapted it a bit to share as a post / guide on here. Note this takes a bit of time...
  8. T

    Ecommerce SEO Checklist

    SEO on eCommerce sites can be extremely challenging. eCommerce sites can have massive amounts of pages due to factors such as large inventories, faceted navigation, and robust site functionality. Due to the size of these sites, SEO becomes a much larger challenge as solutions oftentimes need to...
  9. DigitalDope

    Successful Shopify SEO's, any tips?

    Hey everyone, Recently I've been getting heavily into Shopify SEO. White hat of course.. I started with the basics and overhauled all of the copy on the products, I did all the meta descriptions and titles on the pages, collections and products. I even did the alt data on the images. I saw a...
  10. doctorhm007

    Is this Normal?

    I found a niche for ecommerce that is dominated by shopify sites that are newly created (a year or so). Here are some of their link profiles: Site 1: Site 2: Site 3: Site 4: Site 5: Site 6: Site 7: What do you think?
  11. nawafdevil

    E-Commerce Permalink For Products and Categories

    I am pretty confused about which link would be better for SEO Currently, my e-commerce website has links like these for categories And or product it has this...
  12. hackgrowth

    WooCommerce Products SEO?

    I need some help, folks. I did a search on the forum and was unable to find anything related to this. -- We created a WP website for a client (Divi Theme), with a WooCommerce feature for them to showcase their products. The problem is that while their main page turns up on Google, the...
  13. noxiop

    E-Commerce SEO: A few dubious questions..

    Hi forum, I am starting to build out an ecommerce store in the cannabis accessories niche (bongs, glass pipes, etc) and I have not built a eCommerce store yet so I am looking for advice.. I hope you can help. For one, how important is quantity of products? And on that, how important is unique...
  14. U

    SEO for Non Blogging Websites

    Hi, We have a website which provides the product information only; however it has various pages for different products. We have not started blogging on this site. We know how to do SEO for blogging sites; as there the option of having long content articles is always open (Google gives priority...
  15. N

    Social media marketing techniques| SEO | Online marketing through facebook

    I used to do posting with the services provides to the customer in facebook for making it popular and also for business conversion and didn't find any result too. I used to get a few likes and no conversions. Therefore Please do give some suggestions about free social media promotion techniques...
  16. Z

    Is it unique meta description?

    Hi mates! I need your help... If only the first 2-3 words (the keyword, product name) are change in the meta desc, but the other elements are the same at all of the products... Is it unique meta desc? Thank you!
  17. codeman1234

    What is best SEO strategies to rank ecommerce store long term?

    Hello, Just looking for some advice about what are the best strategies to rank a ecommerce store long term on Google. Thanks
  18. MicroBit-OMS

    Walmart sales growth and impact of Product / Keyword Ranking.

    Hi Walmart Sellers! First of all, I beg pardon for my bad English, I hope you guys will consider me as I'm not a native English speaker. Today I'm going to share an SEO idea for Walmart Business and hope this will help the Walmart sellers as well as other e-commerce sellers. It's high time to...
  19. vishyjames

    E-commerce Essentials for SEO - A Guide for Online Store Builders

    In keeping up with my tradition of creating and sharing the best SEO guides I write - here on BHW... ladies and gentlemen... I give to you ... drum roll ... E-commerce SEO is NO different than doing regular SEO other than having more specific factors that you need to focus on. To get clues...