1. 4

    Your ebook designs and formatting + my ebooks (text only + marketing on Etsy, share 50-50% profits

    As the title says, I have a lot of text-based ebooks (all written by the team's professional writers). But we lack a person who can design unique and professional-looking covers and who can format the text, spicing it up. We do marketing on Etsy, this way you can see for yourself how it goes...
  2. KusionMatch

    Ebooks site hosting

    Which hosting plan is recommended for a book piracy website? Is alexhost's $30 annual plan sufficient?
  3. Panther28

    Anyone using Draft2Digital to publish their ebooks across multiple marketplaces?

    Just preparing my first book to publish with them. 52k words so far. What attracted me to them was no cash upfront, a 10% share of any sales, and free ISBN included. I was wondering what other community members have successfully published with them if you have found it a good company to work...
  4. nickhustle

    HELP ME monetize 4,000+ bestseller ebooks...please?

    Hi, Looking for some advice... How would you monetize a 4,000+ book collection of the best nonfiction books one can read for personal/professional development? I’m talking perfectly formatted (.ePub) ebooks that are currently or have been Amazon/New York Times bestsellers. I’ve created a...
  5. T

    300K ebooks business

    I came across this site: https://ultimate-bundle.com/ they seems to make lots of money how did they get 300k ebooks to sell? any idea if there is 1 place to get tons of ebooks with reselling licenses? Thanks
  6. S

    Make Money from PLR ebooks

    Hello everyone, i have hundred of thousands of plr ebooks in different categories (Marketing, Business, Health, Fitness...). How can i make money from it. i tried selling them on gumroad but nothing. Also i tried using their content for blog posts but i didn't get approved on Adsense. So waht...
  7. P

    Can anyone give me some tips on how to sell infoproducts?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the community and I'm very interested in learning more about digital marketing., digital product sales, I live in Brazil I believe this is an advantage, because products that are successful abroad take a while to get here, and having early access to these products would...
  8. Tall_Mike

    Has Anybody Created Their Own Clickbank Prodcuct?

    If so, what was your experience with it? How did it turn out overall?
  9. Z

    Best Web site to sell PLR E-books world-wise and country(india) wise?

    I have sold plr e books using payhip.com but after they identified it plr,mrr(master reseller rights e books) book .they colsed my e books store.So Please kindly tell me any idea to sell e-books.
  10. D

    Has anyone tried selling pirated ebooks?

    The question in the thread title. I want to do this but have no idea where to start.
  11. Takedownnnn

    Selling ebooks on ebay/Amazon

    Hello guys, I need to ask you for some advice. I want to sell ebooks on ebay or amazon. Therefore , i do not know how i can get it started ? Have you got any advices ?
  12. H

    How to sell ebooks online?

    Hello BHW.i have wrote an ebook with great content but I don't have any social media account to advertise it and don't have a website either.if anyone has any experience on selling products online ,it will be a great help to share .
  13. zimba

    50,000 Guest Post List - 1000 Citation List - 65000 Social Media Images - 2000 Social Media Videos

    Here are some highlights of the products we currently have on our website: 50,000 Guest Post Opportunities 1,000 Niched Citation Lists 600 High DA Backlinks that you can build easily More than 100,000 Social Media Image Posts (Quotes, Motivation, Fitness, Local Business Niches, Cooking...
  14. G

    How do I get website traffic quickly?

    One of the biggest mistakes network marketers make regarding their WordPress websites (blogs), is that they are spending too much time stressing over them. While creating a quality site with frequently updated content is the goal, it is not the cause for worry; rather, the dilemma is that you...
  15. Castamir

    {JOURNEY} $1000 Per Month on Gumroad

    Last month, I had my first sale ever on Gumroad on an information keyword that recieves ONLY 110 Searches per month. I was overjoyed. I was inspired. I was excited so much that I could not contain myself. And then I saw a future in information marketing. I realised that people still bought...
  16. Gravitylab

    Free Ebook or book

    hi helpies, im looking for websites where i can download some books for daily readings and also this one--- SAP materials Management by Mukesh Shukla someone please help me with it. thanks in advance.
  17. S

    Courses, Ebooks, Shared Buys

    Who knows and can help? There's a site that you can buy a membership to and they have pretty much every ebook and online course that you have unlimited access to. They also do group buys for the really expansive ones, does any one know the site I'm trying to find? I had it bookmarked to come...
  18. Suang J

    [FREE] A shit ton of ebooks

    Hey what's up, BHW? I have spent a lot of time reading and searching here in the forum, I have learned a lot and I have met many beautiful people. Thank you.:weep: To begin, the knowledge should not be a secret or pay for. I have found these two amazing website (nones of this are mine)...
  19. zimba

    What is the best Kindle publishing course?

    I am thinking to give Kindle publishing a shot but I need more information as I have not done it before so if anyone can answer the question below it would be great. What is the best most comprehensive Kindle publishing course you heard about or learned from?
  20. Alex0808

    Free latest ebooks

    Anyway to get latest ebooks for free From sites like lib.genises gives only very old editions. P.s i'm looking for books about running
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